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Sometimes the best way to really get how a system works is to see it in action. On both my website/blog I have a listing of success stories and also at the YouTube Channel and look for the success stories playlist. You’ll see many examples of how people landed in the media. Read through these to get inspired on what you can pitch the media, today! This is how you up-level what you’re doing and go from an expert to an authority in your industry.

This one is a pediatric dentist jumped on the story of kids having to wear masks going back to school and a condition called “Mask Mouth” that causes them to get more cavities. She offered a story with 3 ways to prevent cavities while having to wear a mask.

Another one of my clients has a home care company and when the nursing homes were all being shut down during Covid, she discussed how we can still hug our grandparents. In fact, the pitch was “Yes! You can still hug your grandmother!” The news anchor loved the story because she was having reservations about hugging her elderly mother and had Antrina on not only for her viewers but also for her knowledge.

Another really fun one is this Good Morning Texas segment where Calvin, a prophet, came on the show to talk about his predictions for the new year. Again, this appealed to the news anchor as she was trying to get some predictions of her own figured out as well as her favorite sports team.

I feel that when you see how easy it is to come up with a newsworthy story that is appealing to an audience, you’ll have more success when pitching. We have examples of products, services, and brands so we cover the gamut of everyone and you can see how people have had success pitching the media. Make sure you watch the video above and you can read the transcript below.


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Hey everyone, it’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to give you some PR campaign examples. I think when you see how people are having success with it, you’ll be like, “Oh, I can do this!”

So I want to invite you to head over to my blog at

and then look at the success stories, and you’ll see so many different examples of how people got in the media and it’s all different kinds. It’s professionals, service professionals, products, anything and everything – product, service, brand – people got on there. We even have people who got on to talk about branding. But there’s so many different examples in there and and I know that you’ll see this, have that “aha” moment and you’ll see how easy it really is.

You just need to follow the Get PR Famous Formula. You want to be newsworthy, you want to create great hooks, and you want to find the right journalist. And that newsworthy piece is so important. What is it that you bring value to right now that will help you land in the media today? And I’m going to put some other videos, connect you to other videos as well. But check out the YouTube Channel. Make sure you subscribe because all of this is on here. And by subscribing, you’ll find out exactly how you can have these PR campaign success stories, and if you want to learn more and you want to chat more and see, what we can do for you, set up a call with me at