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A question I get asked is what skills does someone need to be a public relations specialist. Basically, you need to be observant. You also need to be able to do a review of your assets (website and social media) and make sure you check out when the media checks you out. Do you appear to be industry expert-worthy? Next, you need to understand what makes a story newsworthy or valuable to an audience. What is the media talking about right now and/or what is relevant right now (seasonality, relevance, etc) and how can you insert yourself into that conversation? You need to understand how to “hook” a journalist in with a great subject line so they read your newsworthy story idea. Finally, you need to know how to find the right journalist. Google makes that very easy for us! “Who writes about [industry] for [publication].” Just like that.

Publicity Plan

Here’s a video I did on my Get PR Famous Formula which outlines the specific steps in more detail:

It’s not hard to be your own PR Specialist. Follow the system above. Develop relationships with journalists. Pitch consistently and valuably and you will continue to get the yes. Don’t forget to connect with journalists on social media too. Make sure you build relationships with them there, not just pitching. You want to like, share, and comment on their work. Make sure they are feeling the love. I promise they know who is doing this. The more eyes they get on their work the better. Consider doing this vs. just pitching right out of the gate. You’ll develop a much better relationship with the media. Use the internet and social media and find journalists, build relationships, and then pitch great stories!


Anyone can get publicity! It really is PR for ANYONE. Together with my clients we have over 1 billion views and over $100 million in sales. The system works! It’s time for you to start implementing. If you want to chat about your PR and visibility, click on the box below or use this link >> Let’s ChatNOW is your time to by seen as THE go-to expert, an A-Lister in your industry! It’s going to be someone, so let’s have it be you and not your competitor. I’d love to connect.: Also, check out our next Get PR Famous upcoming live events at and


Hey there. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk about what is a public relations specialist exactly. And that is you! You can be a public relations specialist. This is what I have been teaching for years.

Go over, subscribe to my YouTube channel, check out all the information that’s there. I show you step-by-step how you can do this. Most small business owners cannot afford a PR firm. We don’t have anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars a month for three to six month minimums, with no guarantees. But by learning how to do it, you become that PR specialist. Check out, I made it super easy, I created a formula, the Get PR Famous Formula. It’s three steps. You want to be newsworthy.

You want to create great hooks. And you want to find the right journalist. And I show you so many ideas on the channel how to make yourself newsworthy. Hooks are super easy. Just look at magazine covers. Google the journalists. And learn how to pitch the media and start incorporating that into your everyday marketing, because I know of no better way than to get hundreds of thousands, millions of people learning about your business.

So I want you to go to the YouTube channel and subscribe to it and start watching these videos. I make them short and sweet and start pitching the media. I can’t wait to hear about your success. I know this works. I’ve been doing this for 10 years. We have over 1 billion views and over a hundred million dollars in sales from free publicity by just following this formula and the system. So I want you to start. I want you to implement. And if you’re excited about this and you’re looking to take it to another level, set up a call with me at And I would love to hear more about what you’re doing and where you want to be.