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Content is king but creating great content can be daunting! In this post I want to share how to create great content fast. Set up a calendar for every day of the month. On the master assign each day 1 type of post. Check out this comprehensive list:

  1. Share an inspirational quote
  2. Answer a frequently asked question
  3. Post something seasonal
  4. Share an image
  5. Repost something that went well last year
  6. Post an infographic (check out or to have on easily made)
  7. Ask your audience a multiple-choice question
  8. Highlight a customer of the month
  9. Create and post a video
  10. Take a picture of your workspace, office, or co-workers
  11. Introduce your newest employee
  12. Interview a customer
  13. Post a #TBT (throwback Thursday)
  14. Post a fill-in-the-blank question
  15. Share your favorite place in the community
  16. Welcome a new business in the community
  17. Share someone else’s content
  18. Post something seasonal
  19. Do a Live video on Facebook or LinkedIn
  20. Share a statistic about your industry
  21. Do a “how-to”
  22. Share your favorite business book
  23. Talk about your favorite charity
  24. Provide a tip
  25. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, milestone
  26. Offer a “freebie” so people join your email list
  27. Offer a discount or coupon
  28. Thank your customers
  29. Correct a common misconception about your business
  30. Share your newsletter
  31. Repeat one of the above or create something new.

Plan ahead for one month at a time or do a quarter at a time. If you have an assistant or a V.A., this is perfect for them. Have them create drafts and you give it the final once-over.  It’s really easy to come up with ideas when you have a set-up like this. You can even change these up as this list will probably spark some ideas for you too.

The other thing you can do is use this content as media pitches. Check out this short video and remember, if you like these, subscribe to our YouTube Channel >> HERE

Create Content Using Media Pitches


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Hey everyone, it’s Christina Daves with this week’s, Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. Before I get into the tip, I hope you’ve been following me for a while and you love seeing these. I want you to subscribe to the YouTube channel and like this video that way you’ll get notified every time I do these. Before I even put them out on Friday, I usually sneak peek, and put them out on Thursday afternoon.

But anyway, so this week’s tip is all about content and how do you create great content fast? I hear this all the time from everybody, the content, the content but you really have to put content out there because people are going to Google you before they work with you. And if they Google you and there’s nothing there, I always say you could be the best in your industry. But if people don’t know it, if you’re not shouting it off the rooftops and telling the world that you’re the best,
it’s going to be really hard because the person who is, where they can see, because people go online for their referrals. They go online to learn and research. That’s the person who’s going to win.

So I want to make it super easy for you to create great content. I want you to make a calendar of 30 days and make a list of things like, a tip, interview a client, interview an expert in your industry, a holiday, and there could be several holidays in that month. What is the that theme of the month? You know, like October is National Financial Planning Month. I actually have a client who just did 30 tips, 31 tips for every single day, financial planning tips. So make a master list of those 30 and then once a month, just knock it out real quick. Go to Canva her your graphics. Higher a VA. If you need to hire a high school or college student, say “here are my topics”, just create some graphics for me. Make some of them videos, super important, but that’s a really easy way to create great content fast.

So that is this week’s PR tip. If you like this and you want to talk about how you can up level your online presence, your social media, your PR, anything to get you more visibility. feel free to reach out and let’s have a call. So go to, schedule a call, and I can’t wait to talk to you and I can’t wait to see all these amazing things you’re going to do.