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Have you ever considered using public relations as a lead generating tool? Why not? PR is giving you visibility… it’s giving you credibility…. it’s positioning you as the authority in your industry…. so why not use that to land new customers and clients? Think about who you want to work with? If you see someone who is regularly in the media as the expert, doesn’t that make you feel more comfortable in hiring them? Why not take the media you receive – an article, blog, or radio or television interview, and send that to a prospective client or customer. Tell them you thought they might be interested in the topic and that you were interviewed on the subject. You instantly become front of mind with them, and, you increase your authority when they see you in this light.

Another thing to consider is that media begets media. Once you’ve been interviewed once, it’s as if you’ve been vetted by the media. You’ve been “cleared” to be used by other outlets as the expert. When you’ve been interviewed on a topic, you could also share that with a different type of press medium as they might want to cover it as well. Use media to land more media. Here’s a short video I did on this topic:

So think about adding media and interviews into your lead generation process and see if it doesn’t help you get more leads and close more sales.

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Hi everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk to you about how you use the publicity that you get as a lead generation tool.

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Now, how do you use media as a lead gen tool? People love famous people. People love working with these experts that have been in the media. So let’s make sure that when you get in the media, you land in the media, that you tell people. So use the logos on your website. Please do not put out a press release where they house it in a back end and then you say “As seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox.”
That’s not authentic. That’s not real.

I want real interviews, but put those real logos on, link to them, do a screenshot, do a PDF, screen record if you’re on TV, so you always have it. Tell people in your newsletter, tell people on, you know, you can do a blog post about it. Tell people on social media. It’s up to you to be your own megaphone and tell the world that you’ve gotten this media, but it will help in your lead generation. People love that. And there are studies that show that people with media logos actually can charge more money.

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