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What most people forget about with social media is the “social” part. Are you socially listening to the online conversation? It’s important to listen first and then respond. When you go to a cocktail party, you don’t walk in and ask the first person to marry you (although that would make for a great reality show). Instead, you walk in and start a conversation. Conversations that are interesting draw in more people. It’s the same online. Interesting conversations get legs. Listen to what people are talking about. What is trending online? I promise you that the media is paying attention to it too. When you can pitch yourself as an expert on a topic that is trending online. You are more likely to get the yes.

If the media puts out a story that is already buzzing online, it should continue to buzz through their channel as well. The more people they have paying attention to their outlet, the more advertisers they can get and the better it is for them. This is why you need to start socially listening. Search hashtags related to your industry and see what topics are people are talking about. I did this video about TikTok. The media is regularly covering trends that are going viral on that platform.

Let TikTok Be Your Publicist

This video should give you some idea too. The mantra the newsroom used to be, “If it bleeds, it leads” now it’s “If it shareable, it’s airable.” Give the media shareable content by using what is already trending somewhere online and make sure you include that in your pitch as well. You can read the full transcript below.


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Hi everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to know if you are socially listening. You’re thinking, what is that? And I’m going to tell you that in a minute.

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And now, back to social listening. It’s really important that we know what’s going on online related to our industry when it comes to what you want to pitch the media. So pay attention, search hashtags that are relevant and related to your industry and see what people are talking about. It’s a great way to give you ideas of media pitches, especially if you find posts that have tons of engagement, you know, lots of people talking about that.

You could even add that in your pitch when you send it in that “Hey, this is buzzing online. This would be a great idea.” So listen to the conversation. We all have these great ideas. I do this too like, Oh, I think this would be perfect. But if people aren’t talking about it, people might not listen, so I want you to socially, listen, and pay attention.

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