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A question I get asked all the time is “What can I do to land a TV pitch?” People know the power of television and they see me there regularly and they want to know how they can be that expert. The most important thing to remember is that television is visual. People are watching television and they need to see things. Yes there are one on one interviews and what helps with that is if you have a book so they can show the cover and position you as the expert. Or, perhaps you have photos related to the segment or even a video clip they can show. When you pitch and offer these things to the producer, you are a) showing you understand how television works and b) making their job easier by giving them what they are going to have to dig up. Sometimes they won’t have time so if you send in a pitch without addressing those extras, they might pass just because of the lack of time to do the work to make it great. If you give it to them like a present with a bow on top, it’s easier to get the YES!

A great example of this is my client Saving Promise who landed this segment on ABC7. Watch and see the visuals they provided for the segment and how it make a simple interview more dynamic.

So make sure when you are sending in that pitch for television, you think about what you can include for visuals and how you can help make the producers job easier by giving them what they need. You can also read the full video transcript below where I give some other ideas. It’s also helpful to watch your dream media outlet and see what they are doing and how they are doing interviews so when you pitch, you provide for them exactly how they do interviews and what they are going to need anyway.


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Hey everyone, It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I’m going to give you something that is so important when you’re pitching, especially television, that will really help you get the “Yes.”

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So what is that one thing that you really need? You’ve got to remember that media is visual. So you’ve got to give, especially television, you’ve got to give them something that’s visual whether it’s a picture, a video, something you physically can bring in. Maybe it’s a book. But you’ve got to add the visual component to that part of the story.

So when you pitch and you can say, “Here are some slides you can show.” “Here’s some video you can show.” “I’m actually going to bring the product in.” “Here’s my book.” Something like that, that will really help the producer see the segment more visually.

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