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How do you get the yes when pitching the media? You pitch them in a way they want to be pitched. Journalists are busier than they’ve ever been. In fact, back in the day there were writer and editors for television reporters and anchors and now, it’s quite often that person doing everything. You can make their lives so much easier by providing them a pitch that is short and sweet, gets to the point, is easy to read and lets them do a quick scan and know exactly what your story idea is.

You also want to keep it personal and make sure that journalist knows you are pitching them specifically, not just sending out a blanket email. If you’ve followed me for anytime, you know I’m not a big fan of the press release (and I’ve interviewed plenty of journalists who agree with this.) It used to be a specialized art but with the advancement of the internet and accessibility to journalists, they really aren’t necessary.

Here’s a video I did about pitching the journalist specifically:

Another tip besides personalizing the pitch and making it super concise and easy to read is to reference something else they’ve done. If you saw a segment they did you liked or an article you read, mention that in your email. Show a journalist the love and that you are really paying attention to them. One of my early television appearances was when I tweeted at a journalist at my local FOX station saying how much I loved the story she just ran. It was all about a new product. She replied and thanked me and then said, “if you know of a product that would work in this segment, let me know.” And that started my pitching CastMedic Designs to her and I was eventually featured on National Healthy Foot Month.

Being aware, conscientious, and listening to what a journalist wants, and then giving it to them in a short, concise format is an easy way to help you get the yes when pitching the media.


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Hi everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to give you one of my top tips for getting the yes with your pitch. And that is it needs to be short and concise, to the point.

I have interviewed so many journalists. I have made friends with so many journalists and they say that, PR publicists, PR firms actually make it easy for them by sending over a pitch like this: no breaks, no paragraphs, just this long-winded, and they will just hit delete instead of reading it.

When you have a really concise pitch: here’s the hook, here’s the specifics one, two, three. Get to the point. Make it easy to read. Make it easy for them to scan it. I just read a study – I can’t remember – a really high statistic 85%, 90% of people will scan the email, (this is for anybody but also the media) to find something that pops out. So give them that pop. Give them the wow in the pitch. Don’t overwhelm them with details. You can get to that once they say yes.

So that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. If you like this tip and you’d like to learn more about pitching the media and just getting more visibility in general for your product, your service, or your brand go to, download that. There is no cost to do that at all. It’s going to give you some amazing tips and let me know how your pitching goes and please share any success stories with me.