What makes good stories for the media? Good stories are those that are relevant and timely. Pitching things related to the time of year is vital in getting your pitch read, and then covered. Right now we are in September. In today’s short vide below I go over several sample topics to pitch this month. What happens in September? How is your business related to weather, topics, holidays in September. By being timely and relevant you have a much better chance at getting the yes. Remember, these are for local media and national television. If you are pitching magazines or national publications, that’s a much longer lead time (I made that mistake!).

What to Pitch When

This video should help you with what you pitch when. Timing is everything with media pitches.

One of my clients, a pediatric dentist, just got on NBC for a story about Mask Mouth. She related it to back-to-school (a great September topic). Most school systems are requiring masks all day in school. I texted her and asked if there are any affects to teeth due to that. Turns out there are! Kids will get more cavities because their mouths become ovens. So we wrote a pitch about Mask Mouth (GREAT hook!) and what four things kids can do during the school day to prevent it and prevent the inevitable cavities that come with trapping bacteria in your mouth all day. She was very visual and talked about how mouths with masks on become like ovens. The story was great (she prepared), timely, and she absolutely crushed it so much so…. the producer wants her to do more stories with them.

By being timely, Jonelle, just solidified her place as a go-to expert in the pediatric dentistry space for her local NBC.

You can watch the full segment here:


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Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below:


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. Today is September 17th. Do you know what you could have pitched the media today? I’m going to give you a list to give you an idea of what you can do any day to get media attention. So I love this. This is why I had to pick this today.

It is bright pink lipstick day. I could actually probably tie in a pitch to that because my brand is so aligned with pink and I could do a branding pitch about how to brand your business. And in my case it happens to be with the color. I’ve kind of become known as the PR lady in pink. But something that I could do. So I hope you see how this could work.

It is Citizenship Day. It is Constitution Day. It is International Country Music Day, National Apple Dumpling Day, National Concussion Awareness Day. National POW MIA Recognition Day,
National Professional House Cleaners Day. If you own a company that is a professional home cleaning service or anything aligned with that, it’s a great thing to talk about.

It is National Tradesman Day and World Patient Safety Day. So if you are an advocate, if you are a nurse, if you were a doctor or anything like that, these are all topics that you can bring up and the media
loves these kinds of topics. So this is what you missed out on pitching for today. But I want you to look at the calendar and I want you to see what you can align your business with and what you can pitch the media.

So that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. If you like this tip and you’d like to learn more tips like this, download our free blueprint at CaptivateandCashIn.com/Blueprint that will give you lots of ideas about this, about branding, about messaging. Just kind of a good overview on things you should be doing to gain more visibility. So do this, download the blueprint. See what you can pitch. Start pitching the media and let me know all of your success stories.