If been doing this a long time and one of the biggest things I hear is that people are afraid of journalists. They think of people who work for the media as an elite group of untouchables like A-list celebrities or royalty. Yes, they have super important jobs and get to be on TV or publish articles in big named magazines but at the end of the day, they are just like us. This is their job. They get paid to do a good job. They can be fired just like anyone else. This past year, journalists went through the same things we did… working from home, stay at home parents, home school teachers, not seeing their loved ones, etc. They’re just real people with a really cool job.

And just like real people, they make new friends. When you become a valuable asset to a journalist, they welcome you into their tribe. I can’t tell you how many media personalities personal cell phones I have in my phone, including a top national anchor. Don’t underestimate your value and what you can bring to the media. Build a relationship with a journalist. Start on social media and be “social.” Like and share their posts. Comment when relevant. Share contacts or resources you have that could help them on future stories. Let them get to “know” you before you pitch and then, when you do pitch, knock it out of the park!

Always be prepared for your media interview. Know who is interviewing you. Do your homework on the journalist and the outlet. Learn how they report and give them what they love and what they want. By doing this, you will be asked back to television and radio stations and quoted again and again by writers.


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Hey everybody! It’s Christina with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk to you all about journalists. I know you all are so intimidated by them and, people are scared of the media. They think they’re this big overarching power, but they’re really not. They’re really just people like us.

They were stay-at-home parents during Covid. They couldn’t go into their offices. They were remote workers. They’re just like us. So, I want you to think about that when you start to build relationships with them. They are people. We’re all people. Connect on a human level. Relate to them. See what kinds of things they’re posting on social media. Don’t stalk them on Facebook,
but Twitter, things like that, LinkedIn. See how you might be connected with them.

Remember, these are people doing their job. We are people doing our jobs and we have value that we can provide a journalist. So I want to try to demystify the fear of journalists and let you know, they are approachable. They do answer their phone. You can talk to them. I even have cell phone numbers of many of them and I text story ideas or I call them. So I don’t want you to be intimidated, to be afraid of the media. I want you to kind of break that out and make you realize that they’re just like us and they’re super easy to connect with and build relationships with and when you do that, you will find yourself in the media regularly.

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