Timing is everything when you want to land stories in the media. I made so many mistakes when I first started pitching. I didn’t realize there was a system and a calendar to pitch the media. I was pitching national magazines a few weeks before I wanted to appear in them. Considering they actually close their publications four months out, I was out of luck! I pitched holiday gift guides in November. It made sense to me at the time, December is right after November. Actually, they close those out usually around June. Lots of pitching failures led me to figure out the system.

Here is a video I did about What to Pitch When so you understand how that works. Then scroll down and see what you should be pitching in September.

What to Pitch in September

September marks the end of summer and beginning of fall. Think about your industry and what happens with that during this time. What can you speak to? Is your business seasonal? If it’s related to summer, do a summer wrap up. If it’s more akin to a fall pitch, formulate that related to the season. It’s back to school season. Does your business or industry relate to anything relevant to back to school? As I share in the video below, wearing masks to school is a hot topic this back to school season. Can you speak to that topic? Watch and see how my client landed in the media using this topic.

Other things to consider are holidays that are for the month of September (ex: Healthy Aging Month) or particular weeks or days. A simple google search will give you ideas.

If you’re pitching national magazines (remember they are four months out) your stories need to be applicable to January, winter, New Year’s resolutions, goals, organization, diet, fitness… all those things people kick off a new year with. January is also a big divorce month. What can you speak to related to that. What predictions are you making for your industry for that year?

There are no excuses not to pitch the media and not to get massive visibility for your business. I know of no better way to do this without paying for advertising.

Plan for September and/or January and start pitching today!


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Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below:


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to give you some ideas of what you can be pitching in September.

Now, if you’re interested in landing in a national publication, you need to start looking at stories related to January.
I know you’re thinking, “it’s September!” But they really are four months out. So things related to the New Year, healthy habits, healthy eating ,exercise, organization. What are those things in January? Remember it’s super competitive too for the national publications so you really need to have a niche, a unique selling proposition, something that makes you different from everybody else who’s pitching.

And then, on the local level, I want you to think about what’s happening in September. It’s back to school. The kids are wearing masks. I’ll give you an example. One of my clients is a pediatric dentist, and I texted her and said, “is there an effect on teeth with kids wearing masks all day?” And there are. They’re much more prone to cavities. So we put together a pitch related to that and she is being interviewed for NBC. Yay! So think about things like that.

Here’s some other things related to September: Healthy Aging Month, National Campus. Safety Awareness Month, National Healthy Skin Month, Pain Awareness Month, Senior Care Health Month. It’s Alzheimer’s month. Do a little Google search. See what September is and what expertise can you bring into things related to September whether it’s seasonality or holidays.

So that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. If you like this and you’d like to learn more, download your free blueprint at CaptivateandCash in.com/Blueprint. And I will see you in the media.
And when you have success stories, please, please, please share them with me.