I am asked all the time about whether or not to pay for influencers to promote your product, service, and brand. It’s s dicey question. They can be valuable IF you find the right one. It’s important to really do your research and find the person whose audience will benefit from what you have to share and will listen to them talking about you. Many “influencers” just have big numbers but don’t have real influence which is engagement. Just because they have a million followers doesn’t mean people are listening.

I know someone who hired an influencer with a huge following to help sell her t-shirt line and even with a million plus followers, she sold zero shirts. That’s what I want to make sure does not happen to you. I’d prefer that you find influencers where you can benefit one another and do something without a financial investment but a reciprocal time investment instead. Who has an audience that is not in direct competition with you that could benefit from what you have to share? Whose audience will engage and be interested and click through to learn about your product, service or brand? What benefit can you provide their audience that will provide value to them and make them want to share you with them?

And, if you still decide to hire an influencer, do your homework. Ask for their results, click through rates, engagement, etc. Make sure that if you make that investment, you see the return in products sold, people coming to your site or social media, or growing your list with potential clients or customers.

Watch the video I did for you below and learn more.


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Hi everybody. It’s Christina with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to talk about a question that I’m asked quite often and that is, should you pay to have an influencer promote your product, service or brand? Now, you know, the first thing I’m going to tell you is, no. It is an option. It is a business and some people want the quick route and they want to do that. If you choose to do that, let me just give you a few pieces of advice.

First of all, make sure that their brand and their vision, their brand voice is in alignment with what you’re doing. That’s really important. And are their followers your ideal clientele? That’s the first part. Second part is, are they getting engagement? Don’t just look at the numbers. Numbers don’t matter. Are they having a conversation with their followers so that if they bring you up in a conversation, those people will be interested and want to engage? That’s really important. So yes, that is a fast way to do something. You can pay to play.

You can also learn how to connect with influencers who are like-minded with you, who are comparable with you, not necessarily competing with you, that you can engage with. That they will want to share what you’re saying, and you can share what they’re saying and you guys can grow together. We call those mid-level influencers. People you can actually touch and help and provide value to. But that they’re doing the same for you. They have a bigger following but you’re bringing value to their audience as well. So those are the people I really would like you to try to find and connect with and provide value to. Because when you provide value to people, it always comes back. Great things will happen to you as well.

So that is this week’s PR Tip. If you like this, you’d like to learn more about connecting with influencers or building your brand or landing in the media,
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