When you’re thinking of pitching the media, think about what you do to overcome challenges people face, demystify what’s happening in your industry. It’s not all about sunshine and roses. And, it’s not about you. When things are good, its status quo. Nobody wants to see a story about what they already know. Don’t get me wrong, we all love a feel good story. But if you want to position yourself as an industry expert, you do that by. overcoming the challenges that are faced in your industry. It’s about value you provide an audience who wants to learn something about your industry or what you do.

Addressing and solving what pains people is #1 in marketing. People relate more to what isn’t working than to what is working. You want to pitch around that. What do you solve. How do you solve it. How can you make things better for the viewer/reader/listener? THAT is what makes a good pitch.

Always remember to then use the Get PR Famous Formula and determined what is newsworthy (how do you solve that problem and relate it to something that makes sense for the media to cover now). You need to have a great hook in the subject line so the journalist reads the email and your story idea, and you need to make sure you send it to the right journalist.

If you need a refresher, watch this:

Create stories that the media will WANT to cover. Give them challenges and solutions and position yourself as the expert in your industry!


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Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below:


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s, Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want you to think about what are the challenges in your industry. Why do people hire you? What’s the pain point? Easy is boring, the challenges, that’s what people need to overcome. Don’t just give them all the flowers and happy and roses of your industry. What are the challenges? And those are the
things that you need to be pitching the media.

What are the obstacles that people in your industry need to overcome to be successful and how do you help them? Remember,
a media piece is not about you. You’re going to reap all the benefits of being in the media, your name, backlinks, everything like that, and of course the credibility of being in the media. But the purpose is to create a story that’s valuable to an audience and overcoming obstacles and solving problems and dealing with challenges in your industry is what you can help the audience with. So I want you to think about that and I want you to formulate a pitch related to that.

So that is this week’s PR tip. If you like this tip and you’d like to learn more about pitching and branding and messaging download our free blueprint at CaptivateandCashin.com/Blueprint. There’s no cost. Just download it and it’ll give you lots of information and think about those challenges and obstacles. Think about where the ideal media outlet is, where those people are. And I want you to pitch the media today. So pitch the media, definitely let me know your successes. This is to your PR success and I can’t wait to see what the media.