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How to Be on TV Shows:

Utilizing social media is fast way to land in the media. See what reporters are talking about and if you have expertise in that area, pitch your story to them. See how Susan Bourassa used this technique to land the media. Check out the post and the watch the video below.

PR Client:

Susan Bourassa, Home Stager, Coast to Coast Interiors,

Successful PR Topic:

How using the number of homes staged in area was directly related to the booming real estate market.

Why is this PR story relevant:

Amazon HQ2 was announced to be coming to Arlington, VA. This instantly caused home prices to rise in the area. The reporter put out an urgent request on Twitter for a real estate agent with a home for sale in that area to use for his segment. Susan jumped on the opportunity and explained that as a home stager, she had a drastic increase in staging homes in that area. The reporter quickly changed the narrative of the story to go from homes for sales to homes stated for sale. It was a win-win situation.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

The reporter had a hard deadline and needed an expert and a place to film ASAP. He didn’t have time to wait around for a real estate agent to respond so when Susan jumped in and was able to tweak his story idea which still provided the same outcome, it was a perfect scenario for both the journalist and Susan as the expert for the story.

Media outlet that was pitched:

NBC4, Washington D.C.

Free PR Interview Transcript:

Late fall into winter typically chills down the housing market.

Hello. Welcome. So this is one of our staged properties.

But this year, during what is generally the slow season, Susan Bourassa is working overtime staging houses to feel like homes. Getting them ready to go on the market.

Yeah, there’s definitely an Amazon effect.

Susan says, she initially only had one home scheduled for last month. That was until November 13th. Amazon, choosing Crystal City for one of its campuses, and Susan’s phone started ringing.

We staged about a dozen homes in November.

The immediate impact of the HQ2 announcement here in Northern Virginia, homes for sale going quickly off the market.

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