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How to Be on TV Shows:

If you want your best chance of getting the “yes” when trying to land in the media, pitch journalist a story that is both timely and relevant. The media is more likely to pick up stories that audiences can relate to at that moment in time. When there are big events happening in the world or the country, it is smart to pitch around those events. Learn more below about how Cedric Stewart of Keller Williams used this tactic to his advantage to land in the media.

PR Client:

Cedric Stewart, Keller Williams, Real Estate Expert

Successful PR Topic:

Providing value to a journalist in a timely manner

Why is this PR story relevant:

This story is one that anyone in the country who owns a house could relate to at the time. Covid took over not only our country but the entire world. Knowing that he had knowledge about a topic that was so relevant to everyone at that moment in time helped Cedric come up with a good pitch and land tin he media. When a story is this important it effect a very broad audience so more people are likely to tune in to watch the segment.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

The journalist knew that this story was valuable at the time that it was pitched. Pitching a story that provides value in a timely matter will almost guarantee that your story gets picked up by the media. Journalists want to report relevant stories in a timely matter. Cedric Stewart knew this and pitched a story that was perfect for that moment in time.

Media outlet that was pitched:

NBC4, Washington DC

Free PR Interview Transcript

Daily lives have been upended and are clouded with uncertainty and the housing market is beginning to reflect that Zillow estimates home sales could be down over 40 percent Nationwide compared to pre-pandemic times. Cedric Stewart with Keller Williams can attest to that, “People have some additional free time, but not everybody is using that to purchase.”

However, the first quarter forecast from the National Association of Realtors shows an increase in home prices as well as fears demand for inventory simply put there aren’t enough houses. “There are people that are looking to make the move for various reasons, but sellers that are still kind of sitting back on the fence.

Well, why would the prices go down? And because real estate isn’t a leading indicator or rather a factor for this whole crisis, I really don’t see the point at which those prices will start to fall in the way that people think it will benefit them.” With stay-at-home restrictions easing in Virginia and Maryland, Stewart warns of a rush back to the market overcrowded open houses and space is not properly disinfected. “At the risk of you know, get your house sold quickly and everything. You still don’t want to be just over zealous to the point where it’s dangerous.”

Virtual tours have taken the place of open houses and with fears of a second wave of coronavirus later this year, this may be the new norm. Stewart and other Realtors are trying to put their heads together on what the safest approach back will be. He says it may include showings for pre-qualified buyers only, appointment times spread out, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer of course. According to the NAR adding more supply and more listings is going to be the way to help the economy recover faster.

“Sellers weren’t necessarily sure if or when this was the best time to do it, and I think they’re seeing that if you have a good plan this may be the best time in a long time to make a move. Mortgage rates remain at historic lows averaging just over three and a half percent. Stewart says buyers should anticipate multiple bid scenarios. Back to you.

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