Public Relations Case Study

“It’s possible to produce billions of views from free publicity.”

Christina Daves (00:13-00:21)

Have you always wanted to gain media exposure so you can provide value to your target audience? In this week’s episode, Christina Daves talks about a public relations case study during COVID-19.

Part One of ‘Public Relations Case Study’

Christina has gained billions of views from free publicity and over a hundred million in sales. She had eight hundred seventy-three million total views in one year alone.

“Share something that can help others overcome what they are going through.” – Christina Daves (00:49-00:57)

People who work from home are used to “social distancing.” But for those who are used to traveling for business and enjoy social connection, the current situation might be causing a lot of extra stress and anxiety. But still, there are many things that you can do to provide value to the people you aren’t able to connect with in person.

Part Two of ‘Public Relations Case Study’

What do you know that you can share with the world that will help them overcome what they are going through? If your expertise is in your local market, talk about that.

“You have the biggest opportunity to provide value to everybody.” – Christina Daves (07:20-07:25)

You’re not taking advantage, but aiming to help people during this uncertain time. You have a gift to share with the world. You just need to hone it, be specific on who your target market is and who you can help whatever industry you are into.

How to Get Involved

In only 10 days of following the simple steps of this challenge, you will gain MASSIVE visibility for your business.

So, what’s holding you back? Are you up for the challenge?