Public Relations Management

Are you waiting for this pandemic to end before you relaunch your business?

The answer should be NO. You can use a proven and tested formula that will help with your publicity even during the Coronavirus crisis.

In this episode, we will find out more about public relations management, and the techniques you can use during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Part One of ‘Public Relations Management

First of all, you have to think about your local market. Most likely, your expertise has been honed based on your surroundings. We understand that some of you might already be on the national platform. That being said, there is a huge opportunity to stand out locally.

And since you are from the area, people are likely to recognize you. You might not know it, but you are already a prominent figure in your community.

Remember, what’s happening nationally isn’t exactly what’s happening in your area.

From there, think about the value you can provide to the media.

“Think about the value you can provide with your expertise- Christina Daves (00:58-01:13)

Now, let’s go back to the system that works. There are three steps:

  • Be newsworthy

  • Create good hooks

  • Find the right journalist

The pandemic is taking over the news. But start really watching your local news. There are instances where there are gaps, and you can fill it in with your expertise. That’s being newsworthy. You have to stand out in the crowd, and you need to give specific things with value.

Then you want to create a great hook.

Journalists right now are probably inundated and exhausted like most of us. 

Naturally, we are scared, and we have that anxiety, and we’d like to know what’s going to happen. This time is difficult for people like us. There could be a lot of journalists who are like that too. So you have to catch them with the hook. Use that as your subject line in your email.

Check the headlines and take a look at what online magazines are using. See what your newspaper is saying. Watch what your television is airing. You can even Google on the latest updates. From there, you can pick the right headlines. What are the popular ones? Use something similar so you can grab that journalist. You have to give them something that will keep them hanging. Make them say, “I’ve got to know the answer to that.”

Part Two of ‘Public Relations Management’

The last piece is to find the right journalist.

You need to spend time on Google and concentrate locally. Searching for it isn’t hard. Just a few clicks in Google and the results will be there in seconds.

Now, we can’t say that a lot of newsrooms and publications are still open. In fact, many have recordings that provide the email to contact them. So, instead of calling, we recommend that you email them as this is your best option right now.

“Create great hooks and find the right journalist.” – Christina Daves (01:25-01:26)

Let’s summarize the techniques to use for your publicity management system. You need to focus on the local market, be newsworthy, create a hook, and find the right journalist.

Now is the best time to provide value. Those of us who get out there will get through this faster.

This is far better than curling up and thinking, “I’m going to relaunch my business once this is over.” You have to do it right now and get your PR strategy in place.

How to Get Involved

In only 10 days of following the simple steps of this challenge, you will gain MASSIVE visibility for your business.

So, what’s holding you back? Are you up for the challenge?