I love entertaining, cooking, and baking! But I’m always looking for ways to make it easier and love gadgets that help me do that.

In today’s Good Morning Washington segment, I share some great finds for making baking simpler.

Let’s start with the Spifter. If you’ve ever tried to sprinkle just a little bit of powdered sugar on a tiny dessert, you’ll know why I love the Spifter.

Ever cook for a smaller group and want to make 2 casseroles but don’t want all the leftovers? Check out bake & split that lets you split the standard baking dish and make 2 in 1.

Ever stuff with lots of yummy batter on your whisk? Check out the whisk wiper that squeezes out every last bit of yumminess!

We love cupcakes in our house and there is nothing more delicious than biting into a stuffed cupcake. Check out the cupcake corer that lets you easily pull our the middle of your cupcake and fill with something extra!

Then, take these yummy cupcakes and display them in this flower pot to make your table top presentation sheer perfection!

My aunt from Germany makes this amazing torte that is layers of yellow cake and chocolate mousse. It’s my absolute favorite but I’ve never been able to make it because I always burn the layers. Check out how I solved that with an amazing layer cake kit.

Last but not least, check out this lattice maker for your pies so they look like they came from a professional bakery!

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