Have you ever taken a moment to gaze into the mirror and genuinely profess love for yourself? For Christine Howard, this practice wasn’t just a simple routine—it became the catalyst for a monumental shift in her life. Faced with a breast cancer diagnosis and an unexpected, challenging divorce, Christine turned to self-love as a guiding light, transforming not just her mindset but her entire life.

As a leadership lifestyle mentor and self-love guru, Christine shares her tips for living radiantly after adversity.

Through mirror work and mantra mindsets, she learned to trust her intuition to achieve more after 50. Her inspiring journey is a reminder that It’s never too late to follow your dreams and accomplish your goals, no matter what life throws your way.

Get ready to radiate confidence and self-love with Christine Howard! 

A Picture-Perfect Life

Christine Howard’s life was perfect . . . on the surface. She was raising two healthy teenagers with her successful husband, and their life was seemingly ideal. However, despite what people saw on the outside looking in, internally, Christine felt a disconnect. She had been ignoring her own needs for a long time, especially in terms of self-care, which was usually an emergency-only priority. She described being on the relentless treadmill of raising kids and supporting her spouse’s career.

The turning point came later in 2014 when Christine decided to boost her coaching qualifications. As she focused on health coaching amid the challenges of raising two vastly different teenagers, her perspective started to shift. These trying years pushed her to reevaluate her priorities and rekindle her career and personal life as the nest began to empty.

Christine’s story highlighted the struggle many face: the outward appearance of a content life, contrasted with inner battles and neglected self-care. Her journey of self-discovery and recommitment to personal wellness serves as an inspiring narrative, especially for those juggling multiple roles and responsibilities.

Wake Up Call

In 2014, as Christine was rejuvenating her career with a health coach certification, an unexpected turn altered her path. During a routine mammogram, she received an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis. While termed “precancerous” in some spheres, it was classified as cancerous in Western medicine. This health crisis served as wake-up call number one, shedding light on her neglect of both physical and emotional self-care. Through holistic treatments and surgeries, Christine arrived at a clean bill of health. 

Amidst her battle with breast cancer, a crisis struck again as her 21-year marriage ended.

This turmoil prompted a deep dive into her life, unearthing unfulfilled dreams, unrecognized desires, and misplaced control. Christine confronted her role in the relationship’s dynamics, acknowledging her part in the journey. She underwent a humbling, cathartic experience, questioning societal conditioning that pitted motherhood against career aspirations. The journey unraveled beliefs and mindsets, revealing a pattern of seeking external validation and neglecting self-love.

Reflecting on her experiences, Christine discovered a need to claim and embrace her innate talents and love herself authentically. She and Christina opened a dialogue that touched on the complexities faced by women juggling various roles and the internal conflicts stemming from societal pressures. Christine’s journey became a testament to self-realization, growth, and the imperative of nurturing oneself amidst life’s challenges.

Mirror Work

Christine had an eye-opening realization that she wasn’t truly loving herself, despite logically saying the words “I love you” to herself in the mirror. She recognized that she’d been denying herself by not acknowledging her worth and unique identity. Her journey to learning self-love began with mirror work. Initially feeling awkward, she started by saying “hello” and “I love you” to her reflection, gradually evoking those feelings she naturally had for her family.

With time, she added positive affirmations, acknowledging her accomplishments and qualities. This daily ritual became a transformative experience, gradually brightening her inner light, boosting confidence, and sparking creativity. Christine likened it to turning up a dimmer switch on her true self, resulting in increased happiness and a flood of innovative ideas for her business and personal life. While she continues this practice in a condensed form now, she stressed the importance of self-acknowledgment in recognizing and embracing one’s unique gifts—a process that allowed her to accept and celebrate her strengths.

Inspired Action

An exploration of common threads among women in their mid-50s experiencing life transitions prompted a lively discussion between Christine and Christina. Christine noted that these women, regardless of their professional background or personal circumstances, shared a deep internal stirring—an awakening to unfulfilled desires and the recognition that it’s their time to pursue inner passions and dreams. They felt a need to reconnect with their true selves, often after dedicating years to others, whether family or careers.

Christine highlighted the shift from corporate mindsets—focused on strategic thinking—to reconnecting with intuition and the heart. She emphasized the importance of tuning into intuition and heart-centered guidance, acknowledging that disregarding these inner nudges can lead to inner unrest and even health issues. She encouraged embracing intuition, likening it to a muscle that strengthens with practice.

Christina echoed this sentiment, noting her own growing reliance on intuition in her 50s, emphasizing its transformative power. She shared her own experiences about the significance of embracing personal intuition, as it leads to synchronicities and connections, aligning individuals with their true selves and inherent strengths.

The First Step

Emphasizing the pivotal step of giving oneself permission to live authentically, Christine shared her experience of drawing a figurative line in the sand to honor the callings of the soul, regardless of their size or duration. By committing to this, it creates a ripple effect not just for personal well-being but also influencing family, friends, and ultimately, the world. Living with purpose and authenticity in the second phase of life brings unexpected positive impacts.

The moving conversation sparked a memory for Christina. In the podcast, she shared a touching experience where her mentorship helped to transform a student’s life, ultimately giving him the confidence and courage to carve his own path and go after his dream job. Moved by the impact of her support, Christina expressed how empowering and fulfilling it felt to have a positive impact on someone’s life. This was another solid example about the power of being authentic and sharing gifts with the world.

Actions born from joy and fulfillment, such as Christina’s mentoring example, naturally attract opportunities to make a difference. It emphasizes the beauty in simply being authentic and allowing the natural cycle of positive impacts to unfold.


Brought to the surface was the importance of embracing personal mantras or affirmations that align with one’s authentic self, acknowledging the power in living genuinely and radiating one’s inherent gifts to positively impact others’ lives.

Christine shared a set of impactful mantras she developed during her mirror work, which later inspired her Makeup Mantra Mats. The first mantra, “Beauty is being the best version of me inside and out,” resonated deeply. She found that embracing her authentic self made her feel radiant and vibrant as she aged, countering traditional ideas of anti-aging. This mantra became a powerful reminder to avoid comparisons and embrace her unique beauty.

Another mantra, “It’s never too late,” held immense significance for Christine. As someone who felt like a late bloomer in various aspects of life, this phrase empowered her to pursue her aspirations regardless of timing. It encouraged embracing opportunities at any life stage, fostering enthusiasm for her show’s relaunch and future endeavors.

The final mantra, “I am enough,” was a crucial part of Christine’s healing journey. It encapsulated self-acceptance, self-love, and recognizing her worth in every aspect of life, personally and professionally. These mantras held deep meaning, guiding her through self-empowerment, acceptance, and a genuine sense of fulfillment.

Shooting for the Stars

Christina wrapped up the podcast by asking Christine two questions. First, Christine shared her proudest accomplishment since turning 50—participating and excelling in fitness competitions at 51, winning trophies and even an overall victory, something unconventional yet incredibly fulfilling for her.

The next question was about where Christine sees herself in 10 years. Christine envisions expanding her impact, foreseeing herself on TV, potentially contributing to magazines, and inspiring larger live audiences. Christine emphasizes a vision of women coming together, embracing their true selves, and collectively contributing to healing the world.

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