Hello, declutter enthusiasts! Ready to kick off the New Year with a fresh and organized start? As a lifestyle expert, here to sprinkle some magic on your home and help you declutter like a pro. We’re going to dive into a room-by-room, section-by-section adventure, turning your chaos into calm, one brilliant idea at a time. So, buckle up and let the decluttering extravaganza begin! This is my segment on Good Day DC on FOX5 LION Lunch Hour:


Closet Chronicles: Organize by Color and Gain Wardrobe Bliss

First things first, let’s talk about your wardrobe. A game-changing approach – organizing your clothes by color. Yes, you heard it right! Channel your inner rainbow and witness the magic of a color-coordinated closet. Not only does it make finding your favorite outfit a breeze, but it also helps you take stock of what you really wear. And remember, it’s a one-in, one-out rule – keep your closet in check!

Kid’s Corner: One In, One Out Rule for Toys and Books

Now, onto the little ones. If you’ve got kids with a room full of games, books, and puzzles, it’s time to embrace the ‘one in, one out’ rule. Let them have a designated space for their favorites, and when they outgrow or lose interest in a game, donate it or pass it along. Bonus tip: repurpose a hanging shoe organizer as a nifty bookshelf to keep the floor clutter-free!

Hat Heaven: Hang ‘Em High for Extra Closet Space

Say goodbye to cluttered shelves filled with stacked hats. Check out this game-changer – hat hanger! Stack no more, just hang your hats in the closet and voilà – instant extra space. Whether you’re a hat aficionado or just looking to save some closet real estate, this hack is a winner.

Shoe Shuffle: Stack ‘Em Head to Toe for Extra Inches

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to revamp your shoe game. Arrange your shoes head to toe, and with each pair, gain a couple of extra inches of closet space. It’s a simple yet effective way to make your closet feel more spacious while keeping your shoe collection in tip-top shape.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: Out with the Old, In with the Organized

Let’s not forget the often-neglected medicine cabinet. Take a moment to declutter and toss out expired items. Start in the bathroom, where emotional attachment is minimal, and it’s a quick ‘yes or no’ game. Trust us; your future self will thank you for this clutter-free start.

Bathroom Brilliance: Magazine Holders and Silverware Trays

Magazine holders aren’t just for magazines anymore. Use them to create extra space under your bathroom sink for hot tools or cleaning supplies. And for the jewelry lovers out there, repurpose a silverware tray to keep your necklaces and bracelets in order – it’s a drawer-saving, tangle-free solution.

Lazy Susan Love: Spinning Solutions for Every Room

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the Lazy Susan. From the kitchen pantry to the bathroom, it’s a spinning savior for hard-to-reach spaces. Organize your spices, hair products, or even makeup on this rotating wonder, making everything easily accessible without the need for a deep dive.

Basket Bliss: Pantry Organization with Style

For a pantry that’s both organized and aesthetically pleasing, invest in some stylish baskets. Group similar items together – nuts, seasoning packets, or even cans – for a clutter-free and visually appealing storage solution. Remember, it’s about functionality without sacrificing style.

Office Oasis: Bins or Bowls, You Choose!

Whether you prefer the sleek look of bins or the artistic charm of bowls, keeping your office supplies organized is a breeze. From practical bins for a minimalist feel to quirky bowls for a creative touch, find what suits your style. Utilize mason jars for a touch of DIY chic – it’s all about making your workspace uniquely yours.

Sustainable Systems: Maintaining Your Organized Haven

The final step in this decluttering journey is maintaining the order you’ve created. I recommend continuing the one-in, one-out rule for items, whether it’s clothes, toys, or kitchen supplies. Keep like items together and take inventory periodically to ensure your systems stay in place. Consistency is key – make decluttering a habit, not just a New Year’s resolution.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to decluttering your space and turning chaos into a well-organized haven. Here’s to a fantastic year filled with organized bliss!