If you follow me at all, you know I’m a wine lover and specifically a chardonnay gal! I love to sit and relax with a big glass of wine.

That made this segment on Good Morning Washington so fun to do. I got to bring in all my favorite wine gadgets.

Need to take your wine on the road check out Wine 2 Go bag that lets you pour your bottle into a non-breakable bag. And Vino 2 Go which is a sippy cup for wine. I’ve broken a glass or two along the way so this is fun and a funny cup to carry around.

I love my wine ice cold and the  Host Freeze cups are awesome. You freeze the bottom holder and just pop it in and it stays in place with magnets.

I laughed so hard when we showed the wine condoms. These are just what they say, throw the cork away and use the wine condom instead to keep your wine fresh.

If you’re like me and get a headache when you drink wines with lots of sulfites, try The Wand. You swirl it in your wine and it removes them and removes the headache.

Traveling with wine? Check out the Wine Skins. It’s like bubble wrap for your wine bottle.

Another favorite to keep my chardonnay cold is Corksicle, This is my go to when we’re on the beach to keep my wine cold and keep the glass off the sand.

And last but not least is the brilliant Porto Vino which is a gorgeous handbag that holds an entire bottle of wine in the secret inside pocket. There’s room for an ice pack too (keeping my Chardonnay cold) and a hidden spout to pour your wine. It’s an all in one purse/wine holder/cooler.

Check them out in action below.

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