We’re all busy so finding things to help with cleaning and repairs is super important. In this segment on Good Morning Washington, I bring in some of my favorites.

I’ve never been one to get down on my hands and knees and scrub baseboards. That’s why I love using Baseboard Buddy to basically mop the baseboards.

Ceiling fans can get super dusty so check out the fan blade cleaner that acts like a giant dust pocket to clean the blades.

I can’t live without my furniture pens. We are constantly nicking furniture and even put a big ding in our new hardwood floors (ouch!). These pens hide everything!

Check out the brilliant touch-up paint set. Just put your paint in one of them and we bang the wall, you just dispense a tiny amount out and touch up. No need to open a paint can, stir the paint, use a brush, clean the brush, etc. etc.

Meet the Scrigit. This will save your nails every time! How many times have you purchased a home item and you can’t the sticker price tag off? I’ve broken many a nail scraping away at it. The Scrigit lets you just scrape it right off – easy peasy!

We love our screened-in porch and use it all spring, summer, and fall but we have problems with birds flying into it and making holes. I love that we found ScreenMend which is a super-easy way to fix any minor screen mishaps.

Last but not least is Erase-a-Hole. I think this might be my husband’s favorite product I’ve shown. When you remove a big screw from the wall, it’s not easy to patch up the hole. This is like a deodorant stick you just twist up and rub on. Let it dry. Use your paint touch-up pen and you’re all set.

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