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Everyone is buzzing about ChatGPT, the ai platform that creates conversational dialogue. It’s data source is textbooks, websites, and various articles, that it uses to model its own language for responding to human interaction.

I read that someone actually got accepted into college using ChatGPT to write the application essay 😳.

I wondered how we could use ChatGPT for media resources.

The first thing I did was type, “What are some things to pitch the media in February?”

The response:

Some things that could be pitched to the media in February include:

  • Valentine’s Day-related stories or promotions for businesses or products
  • Coverage of Black History Month events or initiatives
  • Features on winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding
  • Stories about the upcoming tax season for personal finance or business publications
  • Preparations for the Academy Awards and coverage of the ceremony for entertainment publications
  • Features on winter fashion and beauty trends
  • Coverage of Presidents’ Day and related historical content
  • Stories on health and wellness related to the flu season.

WOW! Not bad! These are some great ideas.

That got me to thinking though, can ChatGPT write a media pitch? 🤔

So I asked…

” what can I pitch the media about Galentine’s day?”

This was the response:

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for people to show their loved ones how much they care. Whether it’s through thoughtful gifts, romantic gestures, or quality time spent together, the day is all about celebrating love and connection.

This year, our media campaign will focus on showcasing unique and creative ways for people to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other, whether that be a stay-at-home date night, a surprise getaway, or a special homemade meal. We’ll also be featuring a variety of gift ideas for different types of relationships, such as long-distance couples or new couples just starting out.

In addition to our traditional Valentine’s Day content, we will also be highlighting alternative ways of celebrating the day of love such as Galentine’s day, self-love and love to friends.

We will be using a mix of social media platforms, influencer marketing, and traditional media to promote our campaign, and we’re excited to share our ideas and tips with audiences everywhere. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!

Not quite the pitch format I recommend. This is a bit long. Journalists will scan the email and nothing here pops. There are no bullet points, no “pop.” It also doesn’t have a hook. It’s imperative to hook the journalist in on the first sentence. This is not a hook, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for people to show their loved ones how much they care.

I do however love the alternate ideas of Galentine’s day so instead, I asked it:

What can I pitch the media about Galentine’s day?

The response:

Galentine’s Day, celebrated on February 13th, is a holiday popularized by the television show “Parks and Recreation.” It is a day for women to celebrate and appreciate their female friends, often with brunch or other social gatherings. You could pitch the media on the growing popularity of the holiday and its origins, as well as ideas for celebrating with friends and gift ideas for Galentine’s Day. Additionally, you could also pitch on the importance of female friendships and the benefits it brings to our lives.

Then I asked, “what are fashion trends this winter?”

The response:

  1. Cozy and oversized clothing: Expect to see oversized sweaters, chunky knitwear, and comfortable loungewear in trendy winter outfits.
  2. Puffers and parkas: Puffer coats and parkas will be popular winter outerwear options, with many designers offering updated versions of the classic styles.
  3. Faux fur: Faux fur will continue to be a popular trend, with many coats, jackets, and accessories featuring the material.
  4. Monochromatic outfits: Wearing one color head-to-toe will be a trend this winter, with many people opting for monochromatic outfits in shades of black, gray, and beige.
  5. Leather: Leather pieces, like pants, skirts, and jackets, are going to be a popular trend this winter.
  6. Boots: Boots are always a winter staple, with knee-high boots and chunky combat boots being popular choices this season.
  7. Plaid: Plaid is always a winter favorite, and this season will be no different, with many people opting for plaid coats, scarves, and other accessories.
  8. Statement pieces: Statement jewelry and other accessories will be popular this winter, with many people opting for bold and unique pieces to add some personality to their outfits.

Keep in mind that these are general trends, and fashion might vary depending on the region you are in, designer’s collections, and personal preferences.

I love how this gives us ideas of things to pitch. So I wouldn’t use ChatGPT to actually write my pitches. Make sure you use the Get PR Famous™ formula of:

  • A newsworthy story idea,
  • a great hook, and
  • sending to the right journalist

But definitely use it to brainstorm topics when your stuck on what to pitch. Or, try using ChatGPT for another source of finding what’s trending in the news so you can newsjack.

Watch below:


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Hi, everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip.
If you follow me at all on any of the social channels,
you’ll know that this week I have been talking about artificial intelligence
and can we use it to pitch media? More specifically,
ChatGPT because that is exploding.
And everybody is talking about that,
and everybody is trying to use it to kinda cut corners on things.
So I put it to the test to see if we could use it to actually write media pitches.
So you definitely want to head over to my blog
and read everything because you can see exactly
what I asked it and then I cut and pasted exactly what it said.
What I found is that we can’t use ChatGPT to write a media pitch.
It wrote something. It was very generic.
There was no hook. There was no wow.
There was no differentiator, which is really what we need.
Otherwise, you’re pitching what everybody else’s pitching.
That being said, what I did discover is that we can use these types
of platforms like ChatGPT to get ideas of
what to pitch.
You know, “what can I pitch the media in February?”
And one of the things that popped up was like Galentine’s Day.
I was like, “oh, that’s fun.”
But then when I asked it to write the pitch about that, it was very generic.
Oh, go to brunch, you know, invite your girlfriends over.
You want to think about what’s something unique and different that nobody’s pitched yet,
nobody’s talking about. So there is some value in it in terms of sparking our creativity in
what we’re going to pitch, giving us ideas,
but it definitely cannot write our pitches for us. We’ve got to do that ourselves.
We’ve got to personalize it. We’ve got to have a hook.
We’ve got to have that wow factor to get the journalist to say yes.
So that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip.
I hope you enjoyed it. And we’ve got something super exciting that we just launched this week.
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If you’re established and you want to go to being known,
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