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People understand the value of being in the media but more often than not, people are just trying to “sell” the media by putting in their product, service or brand without thinking of the bigger picture and the bigger impact they can make. Yes, you could be a one-hit wonder with one segment about YOU but why not turn yourself into a media expert and look at the broader topic of what you can cover?

You’ll see in this week’s short PR Tip video below a few examples where I took clients who wanted coverage on one thing but broadened it to make them an industry expert and then they could get repeat media on that “one thing.” Anne couldn’t figure out how we could get media on her topic of chocolate (owning a chocolate farm and having just written a cookbook about using chocolate as a spice) but when the FDA did a recall of chocolate, she instantly became the industry chocolate expert.

Here’s a short video I did on how to position yourself as the expert:

There are a lot more videos on my YouTube channel HERE or read the posts on my blog HERE You’ll see how easy it is to land in the media IF you follow a process that I have already created for you.


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Hi, everyone! It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip.
This week, I’m so excited to share with you,
we just got back from our Get PR Famous™ event where we take our clients to Dallas,
Texas and we help them go from Established to Known™.
And it’s so awesome! We spend two days of getting shit done.
The third day, we take our VIPs into a television studio.
We give them their ideal interview. It’s just amazing.
But I got a lot of takeaways from it,
when I was working with our clients one-on-one,
the things that they were struggling with in terms of pitching the media.
And one of the biggest ones was how they look at the bigger picture of positioning themselves
as an expert.
Yes, everybody wants PR for their product, service, or brand,
all about them, but when you can take a step back and position yourself as the expert,
you’ll just have so much more success and so much more opportunity.
So a couple of years ago, I worked with somebody, an amazing woman, Je’net Kreitner,
who owns 14 homeless shelters in Orange County, California. And when I talked to her about this,
she really just wanted publicity for Grandma’s House of Hope.
That is her nonprofit. Those are her homeless shelters.
But when we were able to position her as this expert in homelessness,
we were able to give her so many more opportunities
and of course, that exposes Grandma’s House of Hope,
to multiple media opportunities,
which at the end of the day, she’s looking to raise money for her nonprofit.
So there were stories about the homeless with cancer and when COVID hit,
how did the kids who get their meals, the homeless kids get
their meals in schools, where there were no schools,
and there were just repeat opportunities. So in Dallas,
one of our clients, Anne, owns a chocolate farm.
Yes. There’s really such a thing and I can’t wait to go visit,
but she owns a chocolate farm in Hawaii.
She’s also an attorney by trade.
While we were there in Dallas, it turns out that the FDA did a voluntary recall on chocolate
and you could see her light bulbs go off when I showed her how to position herself.
She’s owned a chocolate farm for fifteen years.
She sells chocolate. She has a cookbook that’s coming out
about using chocolate in all kinds of foods,
not just desserts, using it as a spice.
And, she’s an attorney, so we could position her,
really position her as the expert. So she just started pitching,
but I know she’s going to have major success with this.
But that’s the light bulb that went off. That’s the bigger picture that she’s the chocolate expert.
Not just, “How do I promote my cookbook.”
So I hope that helps you all look at the bigger picture when it comes to pitching the media.
If you want to learn more about Get PR Famous™,
head over to our website
We will be having an event in early 2023.
The dates are not set yet. It is by application only.
So feel free to apply and then we can have a conversation and see if it’s a fit.
Because this is just so amazing and like I said,
we go there, we get stuff done,
and I just cannot wait to see you in the media and see what it does for your business.