You’ve finally done it. You’ve been ready my posts for years, watching the YouTube videos, and you’re ready to pitch. But the big question I get all the time is, “do I pitch the same story to all the different media outlets at the same time?” The answer is no. The way I’ve shown you how to pitch the media is by NOT using a press release and making your pitches more personal. You want to show the journalist some love. Share something you’ve read or watched that they’ve done. Put that in your email. Instead of diving in with a pitch, share your aha of what they’ve covered in the past and then go into your pitch.

My dear friend and colleague, Jeff, an award winning television news reporter, told me his favorite email he ever got was “your blue eyes look so great on camera.” He still gushes about that. Wouldn’t that make you feel good? He read that entire pitch AND booked her for a segment. Because you are doing this, you don’t want to send the exact same thing to all the different outlets because you are being so specific. That being said, this actually allows you to tweak each pitch slightly so if you were to be picked up by all of them, you’ve made it different for each one.

Here’s a video I did recently about personalizing the pitch:

Sending a Press Release?

If you really want to send a blanket pitch, either tell them in the email you are sending it to all of them or, do the press release because in that format, they know it’s going to everyone. Journalists, particularly television stations are territorial and will often ask you for an exclusive. That’s why I recommend pitching to the ideal station first (who has your ideal client watching) and then move on to #2, #3, etc. Once you get on once, and you knock it out of the park because you are so prepared, you should be invited back again and again and then you’re all set. This is why you want to make your pitches personalized and build a rapport with the journalist versus just sending it out to anyone and everyone.


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Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below:


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to answer a question that I get asked all the time. Should you pitch the exact same story to the same or to different media outlets at the same time? Like you come up with a story idea and send it to your local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX stations.

The answer is, “No.” Unless you’re telling them that you’re doing that. If you’re sending a blanket press release which you know I definitely don’t recommend. They know everybody’s getting the same thing. But when you personalize a pitch, “Dear Christina,
I see that you just covered X, Y and Z. I thought this might be a great follow-up story.” That’s really personal, and that’s relating
just to that station. You can take the same story and you can tweak it and, give it, you know, an angle this way, for this station, and an angle for this station, an angle for this station, but do not pitch the exact same story to the same or to all the different media outlets in your community.

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