This is going to seem kind of crazy but if you’ve been following me for awhile, you know this. You need to be pitching national publications NOW for stories that will go to print in October. Hard to think that far ahead. That being said, isn’t it worth it to have millions of people learn about your product service or brand? If you want a little head start on what the magazine might already be covering which instantly makes your pitch a warm pitch because you know they are covering that topic, check out editorial calendars. Here is a PR tip video I did on how to find and use them:


If you see.a topic that relates to you and your business, move that publication to the top of your list. By pitching what you know they are already going to cover, it makes it easier to get the yes. You can still pitch national publications even if you don’t see an exact match in their editorial calendar you want to pitch related to what people are going to be interested in in the fall. Think pumpkins, foliage, weather changes. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Are you doing anything super cool related to that? It’s also Financial Planning Month. Is there anything you can relate your business to that ties into that? What is going to be different this October vs. last October. Most of us were in complete lockdown in October, 2020. What will be different in October, 2021?

Lots of food for thought but think about all things October now, so you can pitch and get covered in October. Imagine… MILLIONS of people learning about your product, service or brand. It’s all possible!


Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below:


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. I have a new set. Let me know what you think about this.

But right now I want you to think about what you should be pitching and it’s June. If you’re pitching National Publications, you need to be thinking about topics related to October. Right? Isn’t that hard to imagine? But there are some specific things in October that I want you to think about. October is Emotional Wellness month. So if your business has anything to do with that, whether you’re a doctor, a psychiatrist, maybe you’re even a business coach and you do a lot with emotional intelligence, things like that, you can talk about that. It’s Financial Planning month. Anybody related to taxes, accounting, wealth management, insurance, anything at all.

This is a huge month to be pitching the media. Of course it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A month that we they’ve done a really good job of marketing that. If you know and we talked about nonprofits before, if that is your passion, if that’s what you’re involved with, this is a great time to help your nonprofit if it’s related to that. And it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I had a client who started a charity. Her granddaughter was the fifth generation of domestic violence and she said, “That’s it!” We are going to start a non-profit. We are going to educate the public. We’re going to get this education into the schools. We’re going to break the chain. We’re going to stop the violence and October was a perfect time to pitch that. And she did land in the media to give her nonprofit a name and put it on the map and really get people to know about it.

So look at October. Look at what the National Publications are covering in October now. Look at editorial calendars. I’ve got some other videos about that. So you can learn how to do that, See what’s being covered and pitch a story. So that is this week’s publicity tip.

If you like that and you’d like to learn more, please download our blueprint. There’s no cost to do that. It’s at CaptivateandCashin.com/Blueprint and we’ll give you similar ideas of how to pitch the media,
how to really get your brand in place and get your messaging in place. So download that and pitch away and I’ll see you in the media.