What Are You Doing to Stand Out in Your Industry?

If you’re looking for the number one way to stand out from your competitors, then make yourself more captivating. The world is noisy and crowded and it’s important to be recognized in your field. When you are captivating, you attract new customers and clients because you draw people in. Additionally, when the media is looking for an expert, who do you think they want… the same old same old expert or one who brings charisma and a wow factor?

I attract people because of my energy. I hear this all the time. THAT is my captivating characteristic and without trying, have used this to captivate my audience and the media. What is your captivating characteristic? What do your ideal clients tell you that they love about you? Focus on that and bring that out to create a captivating experience. One thing that might help you out with this is by creating your WOW bio. Here’s a video I did about that recently:

Once you can really lay out your WOW… think about what people love about you and how you can incorporate that into it. And now, start to use that in your content, your social media, your media appearances and turn yourself into someone who is captivating to an audience!


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Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below to learn how to make yourself more captivating to your audience.


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to give you the number one thing that’s going to make you stand out with the media and that is by being captivating. You need to captivate your audience, whether it’s through your content, your social media posts, your following, your media appearances, you want to stand out. You want to draw people in. You want to draw the media in. You want to draw your clients and your customers in.

So really think about what you’re doing to stand out in your industry. What are you doing to become captivating and look at everything you’re doing. Look at your website. Look at your social media. Look at your content that you’re putting out there. Look at your media appearances. And, are you just like everybody else or are you captivating the world with your expertise?

So that is this week’s Free Publicity FridayPR Tip. If you like this tip, if you’d like to learn learn more about, how do you land in the media? How do you get your messaging together? How do you just really stand out in the crowd? We have a free blueprint that you can download its at CaptivateandCashin.com/Blueprint. There is no cost to download it and it will give you some step by steps on how to do this and really uplevel your game so that you are captivating to everyone who learns about you.