Land Media Using a Non-Profit

If you are involved in a charity/non-profit, a great was to land in the media is by using the non-profit as part of your story. NOTE: DO NOT get involved with a charity just to land in the media. This is for people who are passionate about a cause and through that want to help the charity and use media to do that.

I have a former client who is a real estate agent. She lost a son to suicide. As you can imagine, because of that, she became very involved in suicide prevention. She started hosting an annual walk to create awareness about this. She has gotten quite a bit of media related to her walk but it also mentions her as a real estate agent. Don’t you think if someone else has gone through this, they would want to work with her as a Realtor because she understands what they have been through. It allow you to niche to attract your ideal clientele as well.

Another example is a former client who lives in the town where Lydia Taft cast the first women’s vote for President. On the 200th anniversary of that event, she decided to work with the town and create Lydia Taft day. She also created an essay contest at the local high school about what it means to be a woman when you can now run for President. Her passion for her town turned into quite a bit of amazing publicity for her. She was covered in all the local media and even got to share her story in Boston – the closest major city to her. All of this gave her amazing exposure, visibility, and credibility and had people asking, “who is this woman?”

By incorporating your passion for a non-profit, you will attract your ideal clientele and those people with like minded interests.


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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week
I want you to think about aligning your business with your nonprofit that you’re involved with.

Before I go any further, if you are not involved in a nonprofit, do not start doing it just to get media exposure. That’s so wrong. I don’t want you to do that.

But, if you are very involved in a charity, with a charity, and particularly if you do so with your business, it’s okay to reach out to the media because then it’s a win-win. You could talk about what you do for your nonprofit and you can talk about the nonprofit, which helps them get exposure too. I have a lot of clients who have done that. Clients who have sponsored things for a non-profit, who are immediately affected by what that nonprofit does, whether it’s cancer or suicide, whatever you believe in and you’re involved in,
it’s okay to use your involvement in that to pitch the media. And the great thing about that is and I talk a lot about niching, you are going to attract clients and customers who feel the same way that you do, and that’s really who you want to work with. Yes, can you work with anybody related to your industry, you can. But once you start honing in, once you start niching, you will blow up your business.

So think about that with the nonprofit that you’re involved in and how to pitch the media related to that and start attracting your ideal clients and customers. So that is this week’s PR tip. If you like this and you’d like to learn more. Please download our free blueprint at and it will give you lots of ideas on how to do things like this. How to pitch the media. How to get your message across to the ideal people that you want to work with. So that is this week’s PR tip and I cannot wait to see you in the media.