Do you not pitch the media because you just don’t know what or how? Are you wondering what in the world you should be pitching the media right now? It’s June so you should be thinking summer story ideas. This pertains to your local media outlets of radio, TV, and print. That’s what they are working on right now. For national publications, however, they are looking four months out so for them they are thinking fall. Hard to believe but that’s how the media calendar works. I wrote this blog post on the Four Seasons of Publicity that will help explain and give you ideas.

Also, watch this quick video on what you should be pitching when. This will really help you put your calendar together.

As you’ll see from the video above, timing is everything. If you have summer pitch ideas, that goes to local media and/or national television or radio right now.  So think about things like, does your business relate to weather? Seasonality? Summer events like 4th of July, travel, or water activities? What expertise can you bring into this topic that would bring value to an audience? Remember to identify who the audience of the media outlet is and gear your pitch and what you’ll deliver to that particular audience. One of the fastest ways to get a no is to give a media outlet something they can’t use. Watch the television news programs, listen to the radio and read the newspapers or magazines to see what they’re covering and HOW they do it! If you pitch them what they want and the way they want it, you are more likely to get the yes!

Remember, there is no greater way to get massive visibility for your business than through free publicity. Figure out what you can pitch this summer, position yourself as the expert in the story, and pitch a story that is similar to other stories the media outlet covers. This is your best chance to get your summer stories in the news!!!


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Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below:


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. We are approaching summer So excited! I didn’t think winter would ever end but I want you to think about what you can pitch your local television, local newspaper, and local radio about summer. How do you relate your business to summer? Maybe the market is hot in the summer. Maybe it’s cold in the summer. How does that relate? If you have anything to do with houses? Is it a good time to get your roof done? Should you? What about your air conditioning service? Things that provide value related to the summer? If you’re a travel agent, you know, travel is supposed to explode this summer, but maybe you lost your job or you weren’t working as much, you know, maybe it’s staycations or vacations on a budget. How to take a vacation on one tank of gas. There’s a lot of talk about, Federal Parks. Everybody lives within “X” amount of miles of a Federal Park.

So thinking about different kinds of ideas that you can pitch. Do you have something related to Independence Day? What can you relate your business to? So look at the summer calendar. Look at July. Look at August and think about what you can pitch related to your industry where you position yourself as the expert and come up with a valuable story for an audience.

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