Now is the time to share your expertise with 2021 graduates – both high school and college. Every single business person has advice related to their industry that they can share with a graduate. Whether it’s an accountant, financial planner, wealth advisor, or tax attorney on how to plan financially for your future, to real estate or mortgage professionals sharing how to prepare to purchase a first home, to various business and life coaches on how to transition into either college life or a adulting in the real world.

I have a 23 years old recent college graduate and a rising college senior. My friends and I are always offering my kids and their friends advise and they.are calling home for specific things. We help with budgeting to pay monthly bills, signing up for credit cards and using them responsibly, and basic job things like insurance, sick leave, and basic in-office policies that they are’t familiar with yet.. We, as experts, tend to take advantage of our knowledge and don’t realize exactly what we have to share with a graduate.

Another angle is to compare 2020 (Covid impacted graduation/college/job searching) to 2021 and use that in your pitch. How have things changes? What is better or worse now? How can you take your perspective on what WAS in 2020 and what IS in 2021?

Listen to what young adults are asking you. What is the expertise you can provide? These are things you can pitch the media. Create your pitch/story idea around these topics and share how you can provide value to a journalist’s audience.

End of May through mid-June is a great time to pitch your graduate advice story ideas. Think about what you’re good at and then put together a pitch that relates to those heading to college or off to adulting. Put it in simpler terms. We always say pitch to an 8th grader. Pitches need to be simple and easy to understand, especially ones geared towards those just graduating.

Here’s a PR Tip I did on how to pitch the media. Remember, your content needs to be simple as well. Even if you have a very in-depth topic, you can simplify it so that it resonates with that particular audience.

How to Pitch the Media

Every single person who is in business has something to offer a graduate. Create a simple pitch around your expertise for graduation stories and see yourself in the media.


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Watch this week’s PR tip here and/or read the transcript below:


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want you to think about pitching your local media stories related to graduation – whether it’s high school kids prepping for college or its college kids entering the real world, time to adult. Now is a great time to insert your expertise. Every single person watching this video should have some advice to give a college graduate, no matter what industry you’re in. So now is the time to start to pitch those stories and this is local. Remember, we’re in a time-frame window here. So these are stories you’re going to pitch in the next two weeks, one to two weeks, to get in there right around the beginning of June.

So that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. If you like this tip, if you’d like to learn more please download our free Blueprint at where we give you all kinds of ideas on how to hone in on your message, how to attract the media and how to pitch the media. So pitch your graduation stories now and please share your successes with me. I cannot wait to see you in the media.