Virtual Interview

The virtual interview is now the norm in 2021. Even if Covid does go away, people have gotten used to this way of life. I will be curious to see if news stations bring all of their guests back in the studio. They are saving a lot of money by not flying their guests in. And we’ve all adjusted to this new normal. It’s normal to see someone Zooming in for their interview – streaming glitches and all. Nobody seems to care.

Because of this, it’s important that everyone understand how to perfect the digital interview.

What is a Digital Interview?

A digital interview is two people talking through a screen. It’s hard! I’ve been doing these interviews for years – before COVID – but now this is how we’re doing interviews so you better get used to it and figure it out. As I mention in this week’s PR Tip, you have to not only know how to do your lighting (always have the light in front of you) and sound (use a microphone – either one in your computer or get a lavalier mic that attaches to your lapel, but you have to understand how to speak in sound bites.

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Virtual Interview Tips

I did this video on speaking in Sound Bites that will give you some additional tips. And below that is an interview I did with Charlotte Graham who was Barbara Walters’ producer on ABC. She shares the importance of being able to speak in sound bites and gives some great examples of how to do it. We had a great time doing this interview.

Charlotte Graham Interview. Learn from the expert! I think Barbara Walters was the queen of the sound bite and Charlotte spent 10+ years with her so she learned the value of this. Watch this video and learn from the pro.

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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to give you some virtual interview tips. I’ve done some other videos like this where I give you tips on lighting and you know where to be with the camera. But how about answering questions? You always want to talk in sound bites. Remember, you might just be looking at a green dot in your computer. It’s really hard when you don’t sense that person next to you in the room with you. So you really want to practice a little bit and I recommend going on the television station’s website and seeing how that person conducts an interview so you get a feel for their personality.

That will really help you in a virtual interview type situation because remember, you don’t want to look at them on your screen like this. You want to look at them where you’re not really seeing into their eyes. So it’s really important to see how they conduct an interview. Get comfortable with them just from the sound of their voice. And then practice your sound bites,
you know, short nuggets of information that you can get across in the interview.

So those are just some virtual interview tips. If you like these, if you’d like more information, how to get more visibility for your business, please join our PR Challenge at It’s 10 days. It’s about 10 minutes a day.
But I promise that if you implement this into your business and marketing strategy, you will have success and you will get massive visibility for your business. So I’ll see you in the Challenge and I’ll also see you in the media.