Free Makeup PR: Tips for Looking Great on Camera

This week’s tip is to help you look great on camera! We’ve got free PR makeup PR Tips. Besides learning how to speak in soundbites, which is vital for being on television, the next most important thing to consider is how you look on television. Clothes should be bright and not have patterns. Women shouldn’t wear clanky jewelry as this could affect the sound and be distracting to what you are saying. If you’re going to be sitting in a chair, think about your socks. For this post, we’re talking all things makeup. You want to look great on camera. Hi-def cameras are very unforgiving and studio lights are bright so you want to do makeup appropriate for television working with those parameters.

Watch the video below to hear the tips or read the full transcript below.

Landing on television is an amazing accomplishment in your quest for visibility, authority, and being famous in your industry. When you get that spot, you want to look amazing. One of my first television appearances was before I knew about makeup and what to wear. I wore white and very light makeup and when the segment aired, Look at this picture… I look like a ghost.

I learned quickly how to modify how I look on television. I always wear bright colors, often pink, or orange. Bright colors pop. Pick the one you look best in and wear that. I’ve also figured out how to shop for great makeup. My favorite is MAC Cosmetics. You can find your local store >> HERE and ask them about the Studio Fix line.

Television Makeup Tips for Women

My dear friend, Tracy Garcia, who I grew up with, went on to be a professional makeup artist for FOX News and then branched off on her own. She’s taught me so much about television make up. Here’s a video she did for me on make up tips for women. It’s hard to get used to, but you have to go heavy with all of it – eye makeup, mascara, blush, and powder. The bright studio lights will wash you out. Look at my picture above, ugh! Since them, I’ve learned all about make up and how to look good on camera. It’s worth the time investment for both being on television and on video.


My favorite TV (or video) makeup tip: learn how to use these KISS eye lashes. They aren’t a full strip (which I find to be difficult). Instead, they are individual ones. That and some DUO glue and you’re all set. NOTE: ONLY use this glue! I’ve lost many lashes from using other glue. Trust me on this one! I use 4-5 on each lash just to make them look a little thicker. The best part of all… no one knows I’m wearing fake lashes!

Television Makeup Tips for Men

Men often think they don’t have to worry about something like makeup but they do! Men get shiny too so it’s important to understand powder if nothing else. And if you’re balding or have spots on your forehead, dab some powder on there. You can watch the video for men’s makeup.

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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I’m want to talk about free makeup for PR tips. It’s really important that when you do video interviews or television interviews live, that you know how to apply good makeup. And it’s heavier makeup than you think. One of my makeup artists, who taught me how to do it, said, “Put it on and then put it on even heavier.” Because of the lights, it just really washes you out. Powder is so important and you need to find – you can go to places like the Mac Store and say, “I’m going to be on television. I’m doing a lot of video,” and they’ll give you specific foundation and powder.

And if there are men watching, you need powder too because you want to get rid of the shine. If you’re bald you want to pat, pat your head a little bit – get some powder up there. So it’s really important you do your makeup as normal and do heavier makeup. If you know how to do eyelashes ladies, put some eyelashes on. Put more blush than you’d ever think you would, a darker lipstick, heavier eye makeup because you really want to stand out when you’re on camera.

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