FREE PR: Start Local

Getting free PR gives you massive visibility for your business. “Free” is the key word here too. You aren’t paying for advertising (which is fine and could likely should be part of your marketing budget) but you are getting what we call editorial coverage, and that doesn’t cost you any money.

The other great advantage of publicity is that it’s what they call earned media or third party credibility. It’s someone else telling the world how great you are versus in advertising, it’s your messaging.

How do you do this? I call it my Get PR Famous Formula. I know. I hear this a lot, “But Christina, I don’t want to be ‘famous.'” Guess what, if it’s not you, it will be someone else in your industry so let’s make it you “famous” by landing free PR.

It’s a simple 3-step process:

You want to be newsworthy.
You want to create a great hook to draw the journalists in. And,
You want to find the right journalist. “Right” is the person who covers your industry for that media outlet.

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Public Relations Marketing

There is a fine-line these days between public relations and marketing. They are merging together so learning how to get publicity and making it part of your marketing plan is a winning proposition.

My recommendation for your public relations marketing is to start locally. Local media is so easy to pitch and so easy to have success with. Local media loves to cover local business. You just need a good angle. So come up with a good story idea that is appealing to your local audience and pitch the idea.

Remember, at the end of the day, a good media pitch = value to their audience. An editor or producer has one main job and that is to entertain their audience so they keep coming back. When you come up with a story idea that you know their followers will enjoy, it’s a win-win for both you and the media outlet!

How do you know what will be valuable? See what they do on a regular basis. See how they cover stories. See what kinds of stories they like.

Successful Media Pitch

When I started to pitch Good Morning Washington I recorded the entire show every morning for weeks. I watched every segment that was similar to the one I was proposing so that when my pitches went in, they made sense to the producer. He could visualize the set up and, because I pitched something along the lines of what they already did, it was easier for him to give me the “yes.” That extra bit of homework has led to years worth of being a regular contributor on that show and others on the station that the same producer runs.

This week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip is all about landing FREE PR and starting locally. Watch the video above or read the full transcript below. If you want to chat about your PR and visibility, click on the box below or use this link >> Let’s Chat


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this weeks Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk about free PR. I know of no other way to get such massive visibility for your business at zero cost, then free PR. So this is why I really want you to start doing this. Local is the easiest place to start. Find your local paper. Find your local television station, local radio and find a story that you can share your expertise with and make it interesting and valuable to their audience. You also have regional publications and then you have national media. But start today.

We’ve got tons of videos on here with the process step-by-step, but getting free PR will be a game changer for your business. So look what’s happening locally. See how you can tie your business
into it and start pitching.

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