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Public Relations and Advertising

Both Public Relations and Advertising are important for business. PR is incredibly vital and can actually be more valuable than advertising. Advertising is something you pay for and you get to dictate the message. Publicity is free. They call it earned media and it’s basically third party credibility. It is someone else telling the world how great you are. This gives it so much more credibility and gives you leverage when a potential client or customer is checking you out. When someone sees you in the media or sees logos and links to interviews on your website or social media, it immediately elevates you into another category. There are studies that show that people who have appeared in the media are able to charge higher fees as well. Everyone wants to work with the “famous” person in their industry. They want to be associated with the television expert or the person the local newspaper uses as the expert in that industry.

Public Relations in Marketing

If you haven’t incorporated public relations into your marketing plan, now is the time. The only thing it costs you is time and I know of no better way to get your business in front of thousands, even millions of potential buyers than publicity. And… it’s free! Creating a public relations strategy and putting it into your day-to-day business operations will only increase your visibility and increase the potential of people learning about you and your business. Remember, it also packs you full of credibility instantly. My recommendation is to spend about 10 minutes a day on PR. Learn my proven 3-part system that works. Here is a short video summarizing it >> WATCH You can also see a sampling of the success stories >> HERE.


My favorite way to land free PR is through a free query site called Help a Reporter Out. You register as a source and three times a day, you will receive queries from journalists looking for interviews, quotes and sources. The emails are a bit monotonous but once you get used to them, you’ll be able to breeze through and find applicable ones to your industry. This is by far the easiest way to land national attention. I’ve appeared in hundreds of media outlets as a result of this service including, The Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, Entrepreneur, Success, Forbes, and many others. I walk the walk and do this every single day in my own business. I did a PR Tip on this as well that you can watch >> HERE and I also have a free “cheat sheet” on responding to the queries >> CLICK HERE>. I’m one of Help a Reporter’s biggest success stories. I learned an effective way to respond and it gets results. Imagine what an appearance on a national television show or a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal would do for your credibility and your business.

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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to talk about the difference between publicity and advertising. Both are super important in our marketing of our business. Advertising you pay
for and it’s your message that you put out to the world and everybody kind of knows that. You know, what an ad looks like, right? So, publicity is third-party credibility. They call it earned media. It’s somebody else telling the world how great you are
and that’s why publicity has so much more impact than advertising. So again, both are really important, but you want to put publicity into the mix because like I said, there’s somebody else telling the world how great you are and you get to use their credibility instead of you telling the world how great you are.
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