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This might seem like such a simple PR Expert Tip but giving a journalist your cell phone number could actually elevate you to the front of the line.

Letting a journalist know that a) you’re serious and b) they can reach you whenever THEY need to could make you the ideal source. I’ve said this repeatedly but journalists are overworked… especially now. By telling them, “Hey! I’m around. Feel free to reach out anytime,” you’re allowing them to breathe a little knowing that you’re there to help them.

That being said, be available when they call. If they try you and get voicemail and then you don’t call back for a few days, that’s defeating the point. Be available. Be accessible. I know we’re all busy but make sure you call them back if they call you.

Following up on that, start following them on social media and start reacting to and sharing their posts. Check out this short video where I share how to monitor journalists on social media >> WATCH

Showing them “the love” on social media also keeps you front of mind. When you share their posts, they see you. When you email them a pitch, they see you. When you connect on LinkedIn, they see you. When you leave a voicemail message, they see you.

Be “that expert” who the media loves by connecting, sharing, providing value. And… don’t forget to give them your cell phone number.

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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this weeks Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to share with you the biggest tip of all, which is always give a journalist your cell phone and make sure it says “cell phone.” By doing that you’re really showing them you’re serious and you’re available and you’re available on their schedule. They don’t have to go through your office or your assistant. By saying “cell” you’re saying, “Look, I’m here for you 24/7. What do you need?” So I always, always encourage all of my clients, always give the media your cell phone number.

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