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Looking to land free PR? Knowing generic topics that are appealing to the media all the time is the best place to start. We’ve talked about Newsjacking in prior blog posts. That’s where you take what’s going on in the news right now and use your expertise to create a story related to that hot news topic. This is one of my favorite ways of landing in the media.

That being said, if you want to consistently land in the media, there are topics that are always relevant. These are topics that are always newsworthy and they include:

  • health

  • wealth

  • relationships

  • personal growth

  • business

What stories can you create around these topics? I always talk about doing your homework. What is your dream media outlet, you know the one where your customers are, and then how do they report stories? Make it easy for the journalist to say “yes” to your story idea. By creating a story on a topic that is always relevant (from the list above) and putting it in a format that media outlet likes and uses, you are one step closer to PR success.

Watch the video above and/or read the full transcript below on how to land free PR using general topics the media is always looking for. Like this tip? You can see all of our media tips on our YouTube Channel Playlist. My goal is for you to have success landing in the media and these tips give you all kinds of ideas. You can also schedule a call with me anytime at


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to talk about some general topics that are very favorable when pitching the media, topics that they’re always looking for. So things like health, wealth, relationships, personal growth, business, but you don’t want the vanilla on this. I always say, you know, you want the peanut butter fudge with caramel topping. How do you take those topics and give them a really juicy, valuable, exciting story that they’re going to want to cover.

So think about those topics. Know those are always relatable to 99% of media outlets. And of course you’re going to do your homework, so you’re going to hone it in and make sure you’re pitching the right media outlet the right story.

So that is this week’s PR Tip. I hope you enjoyed that. We have many more in our Challenge which is at, where I take you through every single day for 10 days. It’s about 10 minutes a day and I will help you land media coverage. So please join the Challenge. Go through the steps. Learn how to do it. There’s no other way to get such massive visibility for your business. So I’ll see you in the Challenge and then I’ll see you in the media.