Get Invited back on TV

Prepare for the Media Interview

You’ve only got one shot to make a first impression. You only get one first time at a television station. Don’t blow it! Kindness goes SO far when you are a guest on a program. You’d be shocked to hear about how many people come with a a Prima Donna attitude. Hardworking producers have no time for that!

When you arrive with a smile, helpful, prepared, and ready to go, you make the life of the crew at the station a breeze. That’s who they want to work with. When you come with arrogance and an attitude, it’s pretty certain they wont’t want you back.

Every single interview I have done on television I have come early, prepared, and did a great segment for them. I am always invited back. Now I’m at a place where (pre-Covid) I was hugging everyone at the station. It’s very easy to become friends with the people there and that relationship goes a long way in your future career as a guest expert on television.

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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to share with you what happens when you get to the television station if you get that television appearance. And my best piece of advice to you is be nice to everybody.

If you’re on national television, you’ll have the benefit of hair and makeup, which is amazing! Bend over backwards and be kind to these people. If it’s an intern that’s taking you back to a green room, whoever’s working there. All the way through from the person who mic’s you up, to the actual producer that you’re working with. Anyone on the team, even if you pass other people in the hall, I’m just saying this this extra bit of kindness will make you stand out incredibly to a television team.

I’ve seen a lot of people and heard of people who think, “Oh, I’m on TV, and I’m great and I don’t need to be nice to anybody.” And those are not the people that they want to invite back. So make yourself part of their family. You know because like I said, just be kind to everybody when you get to the television station and it will pay off in spades.

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