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What’s a WOW Bio? I have all of my clients sit down and do a “brain dump” and give me everything that’s amazing that they’ve done during their life and/or career. This is your opportunity to brag all about you – because it’s really just for you to see and use (for now :)).

It’s difficult to tell people how great you are but here’s the deal… if you don’t, someone else will. You’re good at what you do and you probably have some amazing “wow” to share with the world. Write it all out and pull the key things that really make you different and make you stand out. Use those on your website, in your signature line, in your social media headings, wherever it fits and is appropriate for you to share.

Bottom line, done be afraid to share what makes you good at what you do. Pick the highlights. That’s why I like for you to write them all out and then summarize and pull out your WOW!

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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I encourage you to write your “Wow Bio.” I have all of my clients do this.

We often don’t realize how much “wow” we have and that will really help you stand out with the media. What are the one or two big things that you’ve done in your career that really make you stand out from anybody else trying to be used as a source or an expert in the media and list that at the bottom of your pitch. Do your one or two sentences, show the book that you’ve written, show your credibility.

So take an hour and just brain dump on all of your “wow,” and then condense it into two or three sentences that you can put at the end of your pitches as your bio.

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