Know your Avatar

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Who is your Ideal Client?

Have you ever really sat down and laid out who your dream client is? Until you do this, it’s going to be hard to establish your messaging, your content, and your social media posts.

You need to know everything about their demographic, what they like, what they read, what they watch. As deep as you can go will allow you to really hone in on your message that will attract your dream client. No one wants to spend their entire career chasing business. Isn’t it so much better when they come directly to you?

By creating your avatar and going deep into the psychology of that person and why they buy, will help you send out the right messaging and have them looking for and coming to you versus the other way around.

Also, by targeting a specific person, you will know which media outlets to target your pitches to. You want media where your potential customers are. This will also allow you to pitch stories that are pertinent to them so you are providing value to them because you know what they need and want.

Watch the video above and/or read the full transcript below. You can join the PR Challenge and learn more about this and also pitching the media. Feel free to set up a call with me if you want to see if landing in the media and gaining massive exposure is advantageous to your business.


Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this weeks Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I challenge you to really know your avatar. Who is your ideal client? Are they a male are they female? What is their age group? What do they like to do? What do they read? What do they watch? What are their interests?

There are avatar exercises that will take you down to “every Saturday they eat a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.” But as you can hone in on your avatar, you will know which media outlets are perfect for them. Because when you land media you want to land media where your customers are.

So I challenge you to figure out your ideal client, your avatar. Who is that perfect person that you want to work with? And then start looking into the media outlets that appeal to that person.

That is this week’s PR Tip. I hope you enjoyed that and if you’d like to learn more, please join our no-cost PR Challenge. It’s 10 days. It’s 10 minutes a day. Even if you’ve already taken it, I encourage you to do a refresher in it, just because it will help you get back into the swing of putting publicity into your marketing part of your business. So please join the Challenge. I will see you there and then I’ll see you in the media.