Creating Your Own Show

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What to do with Content

Do you have a ton of content already online and/or in your brain? Ever wonder what to do with it all? You might want to consider starting your own show. You can create a podcast, either audio, video, or many people are doing both. Record your show on video and export the audio and upload that to a podcast platform.

Podcasts are super hot right now. You can repurpose your content by taking what you’ve written and turning on your camera and start a video podcast or YouTube program or do a recording talking about the content. The options are endless.

Putting all of your content together in one place allows you to position yourself as the expert in your space. You’ll grow your search engine optimization organically and it will allow both potential clients/customers and the media to both find you and, see you as an expert.

Journalists will search social media and the internet looking for experts to use as sources. When you have a show already established, you are making it super easy for the media to use you as their expert. You can watch the short video above and/or read the transcript below.

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Hey there. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to give you a suggestion on creating your own show. We have so many abilities now to do podcasts and video shows. It’s a great way for you to get found when the media is looking for experts in your industry.

If you’re putting out tons of content and you have a regular – maybe it’s a Facebook Live show, again a podcast, maybe a YouTube Show. Something where you’re constantly talking about your industry and then you look good on camera and you sound good on a podcast using your expertise.

Like I said, it’s just a really easy way for the media to find you to use you as an expert. So that is this week’s PR Tip. I hope you enjoyed that. If you would like more, please join our PR Challenge at It’s 10 days. Less than 10 minutes a day. We will help you stand out as that expert and then help you get media coverage. So enjoy the Challenge and then I’ll see you in the media.