What’s Your Why?

One of the most impactful business books I’ve ever read was Simon Sinek’s, Start with Why. He makes you look inside as to what your why is (the purpose), not your how (the process) or your what (the product ). Why does your company exist? And why should people care? What makes you do what you do?

The majority of us are not in business solely to make money. There is a reason we do what we do. Doing that internal work to discover that, helps with every aspect of your business. A great exercise is to just sit down and lay this out. If you have a team, employees, or advisory board, work on this with them so you all are on the same page as to your message, your beliefs, and your core values.

Knowing how to communicate your why…. your story… the reason you are in business, will help you connect with people. Discovering why you do what you do will help you also in terms of your corporate culture, your message, and your interaction with potential clients or customers.

I repeatedly write about authenticity. When assessing your why, you need to be authentic with it and make decisions based on what that – your why – is and align your messaging to that.

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Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this weeks Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to start at the very beginning. What is your why? Your why is so important to your story and to everything that you’re doing and it really is the underlying foundation of all of your publicity. It’s your story. It’s who you are. It’s why you do what you do.

We are not in business just to make money. Most of us aren’t. We have a reason that we started our business? So I really want you to think about your why and why you do what you do? Why do you get up every morning and go to work? What is it that you love to do? What is it that you’re doing to help others? And really establish that why because that becomes a big part of your story and of course, you know, people are going to look into you and what you do before they use you as a source or use you in a story. So really work on identifying your why.

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