Doing a TV Interview From Home

Television stations are still hosting interviews with experts who are home. It’s important that you make good TV by knowing how to have a nice set up and good lighting. In this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip, I show you how I’ve set up my living room for the interviews I’ve been doing. In fact, on the last one I did, the reporter said “Wow! This looks great. You’ve obviously done these before.”

This makes you valuable to a television reporter. Make sure your background looks nice. You can see how I have the clocks hanging and a picture frame on a table. I could add books or plants too. You don’t want it to be too busy. Also, you never want to just have a plain wall behind you. In the media that’s called a “mugshot” wall.”

It’s important to have a light in front of you and no windows behind you. Use a tripod if you’re using your phone or bring in a table for a laptop. You want to be at eye level with your camera – not looking up or down – so use books or boxes to get it the right height.

Always test it out first and see how you look on your screen. Here’s a little trick too – move around a little to see if your lighting on the screen changes. By providing the reporter with a great backdrop for their interview, and then you’re also prepared for the interview, they will want to have you back again. Make their job easier by being prepared.



Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with your Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. I did a similar video a few weeks ago showing you how to film a television segment and kind of how I did the lighting and put the logo in the background. Well now I want to talk about what if you get just an interview, how to set things up. So I’m going to take you into my living room that I have set up as a studio.

Okay. So here’s my studio, my living room. You can see I do have a light. a professional light, but you could just use a regular light. Let me go here. You see I just put my computer up here. I’ve got my chair. There’s no backlighting behind me, which is really important and then you can see and if you need there’s my little tripod that I love – if you need that. So there you go. That is the setup. So you see how I did that so I’ve got the light coming in on me. I don’t have any light behind me. You don’t want to be in front of a window. That’s not good. And I have a professional light. You can use a lamp, take the lamp shade off. You can see how I use my table, how I maneuver things around. If you need to use the little tripod you can use that and use your phone if you want to do the phone instead of the computer

So it’s really that easy. If you like this PR Tip and you would like to learn more, and you’d like to learn how to get these interviews, please join our Challenge at There’s no cost to join. It takes 10 days. It’s about 10 minutes a day and it will help you just really position yourself as an expert and land media so you’ll get to do interviews like this. So I will see you in the Challenge and then I’ll see you in the media.