What’s Your Story?

You can actually be your own public relations manager just by honing in on your story. Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? That’s what the media is looking for – what’s your story? It could be a rags to riches. It could be David vs. Goliath. It’s important for you to formulate your “why” and why you do what you do.

Journalists have always loved the fact that I saw a need in the marketplace (dressing up ugly medical devices) and actually went forward with manufacturing them. We struggled quite a bit by mortgaging our home and maxing out our credit cards. I made it past several rounds of Shark Tank but was then turned down. That was heartbreaking. I never gave up though. Instead, I hustled, worked my butt off, and eventually landed on the Steve Harvey Show where I won $20,000 in an Inventor’s Competition. Diana Ross wore my product when she sang for President Obama. Things like this become your story.

I always encourage my clients to write their “Wow Bio.” Sometimes you don’t even realize all the amazing things you have accomplished on your journey to where you are now. Sit down and start listing what you’ve done throughout your career. Really think about your “why” and why you are doing what you’re doing now. What is your passion? What drives you?

This all started because I was having a conversation with a client when she briefly skipped over that she had gone to school at Juilliard and Yale. That stopped me in my tracks. I said, “What?” She didn’t think that really mattered. She is a musician and that’s just what she does. I said, “tell me more.” Turns out she frequently played with Frank Sinatra. She’s performed with U2 and many other top musicians. To her, that was business as usual. That’s why I want you to sit down and write it all out. You can even show it to someone else and share what you’ve done and see what gets them to go “wow!”

Once you have your story put together, use it and share it. Create a strong bio from it. Use that when you pitch the media. Journalists want to know who they are using and what the story is. Whenever I’m on television they describe me as an inventor, best selling author, and entrepreneur. Those are my “wows” – particularly the inventor part. That’s what makes me unique and makes my story intriguing.

It’s time to put your story together and share it with the world (and of course the media).