Doing a TV Segment From Home

Hey everybody. It’s Christina Daves with PR for Anyone. I want to share what I just did. Because now we’re in this really unique time where in order for us to provide value to the media, we’re doing it from home. So I just filmed a segment for ABC 7 and I tried to stage it pretty well for them.

You can see what I did. I put on my television their logo in the background and I was actually here. I had a flip chart that I was using. But I’m going to show you how I set up in my family room and in my kitchen with the lights. This was more of a lifestyle segment. So I needed to show some things. But if you’re doing an interview, one thing that’s really important is you want to have a little bit of depth behind you.

They call it the mugshot wall. You don’t want to just stand, you know, right in front of a white wall so it looks like you have a mug shot. Just give yourself a little bit, you know, if you’re sitting in a chair, give yourself a little bit of depth, a little bit of angle. Put a picture behind you. Like I said the logo works great. So now I’m going to kind of show you how we set it up so you can see how easy this is to do. Now I have what’s called a Cowboy Kit, which is a three light set that I use in my studio. But you can play around with lamps and natural lighting. You just want to make sure that you’re lit well and your sound is good. And I actually don’t have a microphone so I’m talking kind of loud and I’m in my kitchen. It might echo a little bit. But there are things you can play around with. You know, the television station will be able to edit this out. It was recorded.

If I was on a live, I would be closer in and I would have a microphone on so that’s really important. But anyway, now I’m going to show you how I’ve set up around my kitchen and my family room. Okay. So here we are. You can see there’s my tripod that I just showed you a minute ago. Here’s one light that pointed, you know where I was speaking. And then I’m just going to come around here and we put another light right here. You know, I have a lot of windows, you can see back there. You can see all these windows and glass that I have. So we really had to deflect as best we could.

But anyway, so this is how you do it. Like I said, the logo was just a nice little touch that we added. So one of the things I wanted to share with you is how I did this logo. I took it off the internet. I went into Keynote which is like PowerPoint. I centered it. I found the highest resolution that I could I centered it and I hit play, like I was doing a presentation. And just plugged my computer into my television with an HDMI cord and it worked that way. So just a super easy way to give it that extra added touch. So this is how you do television from home.

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