Free Publicity Friday – Create a Drip Campaign

Hi everybody! It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip.

This week I want to talk about a drip campaign. Do you have a drip campaign so you are staying in front of your ideal journalist every single month? It’s really important that you put something together. You’re going to be pitching evergreen story ideas, which is part of your drip campaign. Maybe you share other things going on in your community, in your industry, just to stay in front of them and to provide your value. Maybe you wish them a happy holiday. Just something so you’re regularly, consistently staying in front of your dream, ideal media outlets. So lay that out, lay out what a drip campaign looks like. What can you send every single month in terms of evergreen stories? And then you’ve got room in there for breaking stories. And again, maybe there’s other things in your industry that would be good timing on a certain month that you could share with that journalist.

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I have been posting weekly PR Tips for over two years. You can find them all on You Tube. Landing Publicity is vital to your marketing success. I know of no other way to get your business in front of thousands, even millions of new, potential customers then through publicity. It’s actually a simple process I figured out: be newsworthy, create great hooks, and find the right journalist. With all of these in place, you should be able to regularly land media exposure.

This week’s tip shares with you how to create a drip campaign so you can stay in front of the “right” journalists. Also consider a drip campaign with your potential clients. When you land media coverage, this is a great opportunity to share it with your potential clients and customers. A drip campaign keeps you front of mind with the people you want to stay connected with.

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