From Hollywood Red Carpets to Animal Advocacy, Jill Rappaport’s Journey

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When you’re doing what you love and you’re helping others, whether they have four legs or two, the feeling is just magical.


Jill started out as an associated publicist for United Artists. It was there, taking celebrities to interviews, that she realized she was getting more out of them in the car on the way than the reporters were. She shifted to become an entertainment reporter and that started her 25+ year career as their Entertainment Reporter. From working with Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky” to Apocalypse Now, she’s been with some of the best and brightest in Hollywood.


When she would interview these celebrities, her icebreaker would be… their animals. One of her most challenging interviews was with Russel Crowe for “A Beautiful Mind”. Everyone in the room was intimidated by him, but that wasn’t until she mentioned Honey, his horse, that he started to loosen up and give Jill a great interview.


At 50, when her pet German Shepherd Jack had to undergo amputation, she was devastated, but it taught her about life and love. She watched how her other pet dogs just loved being around him despite now having three legs. He never let the loss of a limb stand in the way of living his best life. This became Jill’s focus in life; not only rescue and adoption, but to tell the world what animals can give us and what they can add into our lives.


She is now a passionate animal advocate!


Whether you love celebrities or pets, tune in to Jill and her incredibly interesting stories about Hollywood A-listers and her love for animals, both of which she still cherishes throughout her life and career.


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