Peak Performance At Any Age with Leah Jantzen

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Living Ageless and Bold, Podcast | 0 comments

Our bodies are capable of remarkable things, even as we age, as demonstrated by Leah Jantzen’s incredible achievements. At the Ironman Maine 2019 competition, she placed 3rd in the women’s 45-49 age category.

What’s truly astonishing is that Leah learned to swim at the age of 43 while juggling the responsibilities of raising four young children. On top of being a triathlete, Leah is also a guidance counselor, performance coach, speaker, and self-help author. She’s not one to let her circumstances limit her—and this is the same attitude she tries to instill in her students and clients.

You’d be surprised at what our bodies and our mind can do, regardless of age. Leah coaches us on how to develop our mental muscle. By committing to goals and addressing setbacks, we can break through our own psychological barriers to success. Additionally, she offers insights on how parents can support their children when they feel overwhelmed and pressured.

Enhance your mental fortitude by tuning in to Leah Jantzen’s inspiring story of resilience and determination.

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