Rediscovering Joy after Loss and Trauma with Dr. Sherry Walling

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Living Ageless and Bold, Podcast | 0 comments

Today’s episode centers around a topic that we know all too well but often avoid talking about—grief. As much as our prime years are full of excitement and vigor, it’s also a time of turbulent change in our relationships and career. Clinical psychologist Dr. Sherry Walling is here to help us navigate trauma and grief.

She talks about the different kinds of loss and how we may comfort each other through compassionate curiosity. Dr. Sherry shares her own experience of hardship and how she’s found happiness after such personal tragedy.

We talk about losing parents, spouses, friends and even the grief that comes with empty next. It’s a powerful conversation and one that offers great advice in handling these types of situations.

Join the conversation and let us know if you found these tips helpful.


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