In this segment on Good Morning Washington on Try it Tuesday, I share six cutting-edge, must-have kitchen gadgets. From cooking eggs, to easily opening jars, to easy ways to eat healthy. You won’t believe what I make in a toaster at the end.

How often have you tried to peel an egg and you end up taking off half the whites or you get that funky layer of peel? Not anymore…

The Egg Genie was designed by a physicist and is incredible at easiy peeling your eggs. A little water and some physics and it peels right off.

Next up is RoboTwist. As I get older it’s harder and harder to twist off tops from jars.and with no strapping teens in the house anymore RoboTwist is.a gamechanger,  It’s a battery powered gadget that lets you open any jar. A must have to have stashed in your kitchen drawer.

Want a perfect chopped salad? Check out the salad cutter bowl. Put your lettuce in and use the knife-aligned lid to chop a salad perfectly!

Grilled cheese in a toaster? No way! Check out the grilled cheese bags and how it works.

Need help peeling apples or potatoes? Check out this awesome electric peeler. You’ll never go back to a hand-held.

Last but not least is Tostilla. Watch to hear the great story how this was invented but a family of 4 was forced to cook all meals in the toaster. Dad created Tostilla which allows you to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert…. all in the toaster.

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