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In a world where constant change is the norm, many women find themselves at a crossroads in their lives, wondering how to embark on a new journey of reinvention. Meet Leslie Jane Seymour, the inspiring force behind the “Reinvent Yourself” podcast and the founder of Covey Club, a platform that empowers women over 40 to embrace change and achieve their dreams.

A Remarkable Beginning – From Intern to Fashion Editor

Lesley’s journey started during her time at Duke University, where she began as an intern for Women’s Wear Daily. While studying biology, she realized her passion for writing and decided to switch to an English major. Serendipity struck when she crossed paths with the fashion editor of the Washington Post, who connected her with Women’s Wear Daily. Lesley’s talent and determination resulted in her stories being published while still in college.

From Women’s Wear Daily to Vogue and Beyond

Lesley’s career continued to soar as she transitioned from Women’s Wear Daily to the New York Daily News and eventually landed a position at Harper’s Bazaar. Though she initially preferred the pace of newspapers, fate led her to magazines, where she found her true calling. Over the course of her remarkable 40-year magazine career, Lesley’s impressive roles included a memorable nine-year stint at Vogue. Surviving and Thriving at Vogue: Working at Vogue was a dream come true, and Lesley considers it a pivotal period in her career. The experience taught her valuable lessons in writing and honed her skills as a journalist. The magazine was filled with some of the best female writers in the country, who mentored and guided her. However, she also acknowledges the challenges of navigating the competitive and sometimes demanding environment, including her encounters with the iconic Anna Wintour.

Challenges Faced by More Magazine

After her successful run at Vogue, Lesley moved on to become the editor-in-chief of More magazine, a publication catering to women over 40. She embraced this opportunity with enthusiasm, seeing it as a chance to make a positive impact and change perceptions about women and aging. However, the magazine encountered obstacles due to age prejudice in the media industry. Advertisers were hesitant to promote clothes for older women, leading to financial difficulties for the magazine.

Taking a Chance on Michelle Obama

In 2015, Leslie took a risk by featuring Michelle Obama in More magazine, even before her husband’s nomination. She reflects on the class act displayed by Michelle when Vogue wanted the first cover, but Moore stood firm on their agreement. The issue, edited by Michelle Obama herself, garnered immense success and became a historic moment in the magazine industry.

Founding Covey Club

Despite the challenges faced by Moore magazine, Leslie’s passion for supporting women led her to establish Covey Club. She initially intended it to be an online magazine but realized it needed to be a club to better cater to women’s needs. She enjoys teaching and starts her podcast, “Reinvent Yourself,” to provide a platform for women over 40.

Mindset and Sisterhood in Reinvention

A central theme that emerges from the “Reinvent Yourself” podcast and Covey Club is the significance of mindset in the reinvention journey. Leslie is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and self-affirmations. She emphasizes the importance of starting each day with a positive attitude, setting the tone for success. In an intimate episode of the podcast, Leslie shares her personal experience with mindset during her reinvention process. She acknowledges the doubts and fears that plagued her at the beginning but attributes her eventual success to maintaining a positive outlook. This powerful revelation resonates deeply with listeners, encouraging them to approach their reinvention with unwavering optimism. Moreover, Covey Club stands as a testament to the strength of sisterhood in empowering women to reinvent themselves. Leslie aims to create a supportive community of like-minded women who genuinely believe in each other’s potential. The platform fosters an environment where women can share their aspirations, vulnerabilities, and successes without judgment.

Collaborating and Supporting Women

One of the most remarkable aspects of Covey Club is the spirit of collaboration among women. Leslie challenges the notion that women are inherently competitive and emphasizes the need for unity in the industry. She proudly states that she collaborates with her biggest competitors because, in her view, there’s enough success to go around. This collaborative approach has become a cornerstone of Covey Club’s philosophy. Women from diverse backgrounds and industries come together, offering support, advice, and resources to help each other thrive. This unique camaraderie sets Covey Club apart from other communities, fostering an atmosphere of collective empowerment. Leslie’s own journey exemplifies the power of collaboration. As a magazine veteran, she witnessed firsthand the competitive nature of the industry. However, she realized that this attitude hindered progress and kept women from reaching their full potential. By embracing collaboration and cooperation, Leslie aims to reshape the narrative surrounding women’s interactions in the business world.

Michelle Obama’s Influence

As Covey Club’s founder, Leslie Jane Seymour draws inspiration from various sources, one of which is the remarkable Michelle Obama. Michelle’s journey from being the First Lady of the United States to becoming a powerful advocate for women’s rights and education has left an indelible mark on Leslie’s outlook. Michelle’s story of reinvention after her time in the White House resonated deeply with Leslie. As a woman who has experienced multiple reinventions throughout her life, Michelle embodies the spirit of resilience and strength that Covey Club seeks to foster in its members. Her dedication to empowering women and fostering unity aligns perfectly with Covey Club’s values.

Creating Opportunities for Reinvention

Covey Club offers a myriad of opportunities for women seeking reinvention. The platform’s 30-day challenges provide an engaging and supportive environment for women to tackle specific goals. These challenges can range from fitness and wellness transformations to creative writing endeavors. Another highlight of Covey Club’s offerings is its small pods, where five to seven women come together to work on particular projects. These pods offer a more intimate setting, allowing members to bond closely over shared objectives. The collective brainstorming, feedback, and support within these pods act as a catalyst for growth and reinvention. Annual gatherings further strengthen connections and friendships fostered within Covey Club. These events serve as an opportunity for members to meet in person, share experiences, and celebrate each other’s achievements. The sense of community and camaraderie during these gatherings reaffirms the power of collective support in each woman’s journey. As for the future, Leslie remains open to change.

She believes her passion for writing might lead her to explore more writing projects while continuously growing Covey Club. Above all, Leslie stands as a testament to the transformative power of reinvention, encouraging women of all ages to embrace change and unlock their full potential. Whether it’s through the “Reinvent Yourself” podcast, Michelle Obama’s influence, or Covey Club’s offerings, Leslie Jane Seymour is leading a movement of women who are boldly reinventing themselves and shaping their destinies. Leslie Jane Seymour’s dedication to empowering women over 40 to reinvent themselves is truly inspiring. Through the “Reinvent Yourself” podcast and Covey Club, she has created a supportive space where women can share their stories, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections. This podcast serves as a beacon of hope for women looking for their next chapters and reinventing their lives.

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